Friday, March 1, 2013

Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Danic, Starfleet Science Officer

     So today will be about my third and final Star Trek Online character, Danic.

Character Information for Danic
     Name: Danic                 Nickname: Danic             Rank: Rear Admiral (Lower Half)     Grade: 43
     Race: Vulcan                 Sex: Male                        Career: Science Officer

     Active Ship:
            Name: USS Trailblazer     Designation: NCC-94062      Class: Trident Deep Space Science Vessel
            Crew Compliment: 478

     Bridge Crew:
            R'shee                   Rank: Commander           Quality: Uncommon
            Race: Andorian      Sex: Female                     Career: Tactical Officer
            Departments: First Officer and Security          Stations: Away Team and Tactical Station I

            Thon D'vov           Rank: Commander           Quality: Common
            Race: Andorian     Sex Male                         Career: Engineering Officer
            Departments: Engineering                              Stations: Engineering Stations II

           Nire                       Rank: Commander           Quality: Very Rare
           Race: Trill              Sex: Female                      Career: Science Officer
           Departments: Science                                     Stations: Away Station and Science Station I

           Sug Shaaliz           Rank: Commander            Quality: Uncommon
           Race: Bajoran       Sex: Male                         Career: Science Officer
           Departments: Medical                                    Stations: Science Station II

           Derip B'zoph         Rank: Commander           Quality: Very Rare
           Race: Andorian     Sex: Male                         Career: Tactical Officer
           Departments: Tactical                                    Stations: Away Team

           Sehedula Jazaz      Rank: Commander            Quality: Common
           Race: Betazoid      Sex: Male                         Career: Engineering Officer
           Departments: Operations                               Stations: Away Team and Engineering Station I

     So the crew of the USS Trailblazer is low on the quality scale, which means that they will get replaced. All of my characters are trying to have Very Rare quality for all of the crew. The ship also is almost all standard Starfleet phasers and photon torpedoes for the ship tier it is. Nothing outstanding or unusual with lots of room to modify still.

     The primary goal of this character is to get to max level. Once there, he will start doing ops to gear up and generate dilithium to assist in the account wide efforts.

     Tomorrow I will go over my Wizardry Online Character, Dan Zombee. Tune in to find out about him.

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