Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Character Update

                So I have been busy looking for a new job. So I have been doing more Job searching that gaming. But I have been able to sneak some time in for gaming, all for STO though, so not much else to report on.

Star Trek Online (STO)
                Winter Wonderland is still in full swing. They have made some changes to it and removed the Tides of Ice is no longer required. So now all of my guys are just doing whatever they can to get the glossies of Q and the Winter Currencies to buy the Ship and Warp Core.
                The only other thing of note has been that the Elachi Alert Event happened this past weekend.  Running this nets you any Rep Marks. SO I just ran that for each person for my marks this past weekend. Otherwise, I have just been running the appropriate STF to get the marks that I want.
                And now we move on to the individual efforts in STO.

Fleet Admiral Zombee
                Making good progress with the getting the winter event ship. And I need very few Targ Earmuffs to get the warp core. Other than that, I was working on Omega gear but stopped to use my refined Dilithium to upgrade my gear and to enhance my ship so that I can up my DPS and finally complete the Delta Quadrant Storyline and start working on Advanced Queues.

Admiral Grell
                Making progress towards the winter ship and getting the warp core. But have a long way to go. Also just running whatever will get me Delta marks so that I can get the Delta Gear. He is now Tier IV in the Delta Alliance Rep.

Admiral Torc
                He has been making progress towards getting the winter ship and the warp core. Running what I can to get the Delta Marks. He is now Tier III in the Delta Alliance Rep.

And that was it for this past week. Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Character Updates

                Hello again! Once more I will cover what I have been doing since the last blog. So here we go!

Star Trek Online (STO) Characters
                So the Mirror Invasion Event came to an end. Zombee, Torc and Grell were the only ones who completed it.  I didn’t have time to play the others. Even so, I did enjoy the event as it was going.
                The Junior Officer Weekend I didn’t do. There just was not enough time for me to try to do any of it.
                There also was a Bonus Marks Weekend. This event will give you about 50% more of the reputation marks than normal. I used this to stock up on the marks that I was lowest on for those guys that ran it.
                This brings us to the Winter Wonderland Event brought to you by Q. This event is where you get sent to a pocket dimension created by Q where you fight snowmen, assimilated snowmen; eat pie, race on ice and many other things. In particular, there is an event where you can race against and NPC, called The Fastest Game on Ice. If you win, you get the Autographed Q pictures that you need to get the special ship. There are three Breen Ship up for grabs. And it has the same mechanic as the Risian event. Once one guy gets the ships, the alts can pick it up after just one race. They also have a new piece to the Breen Space Set, a warp core.  But you have to complete the Tides of Ice activity ten times before you can buy it.
                Some updates were also made to the game that lowered the materials needed to craft things. This makes it a lot more feasible for me to craft things and try to upgrade my weapons and gear.  Another update they did was to lower the difficulties on certain STF’s and up the rewards across most content. These are steps in the right direction to make this better but it’s not there quit yet.
                And that’s the major things for STO, now on to the individual efforts.

Fleet Admiral Zombee
                He is now level 60. I have gotten Beams to 16, Cannons and Engineering to 13, Ground Weapons and Projectiles are at 12 and Science is level 3. I also upgrade three of the Flickenger’s forward weapons to Tier 14. All of the Nukara Space Set has been built and all of the Nukara ground gear has been bought. I have now started on making the missing pieces for the various Task Force Omega space gear. The Delta Alliance Reputation has reached Tier V, but I don’t have the necessary Delta Quadrant special currency to get the gear yet. You have to run Advanced Missions to get them currently.  They have announced that they plan to place it other things to get them so I am waiting for that to hit the server for me to start tracking done those things.
                In the mean time, I have been running the Winter Wonderland events to gather the currencies necessary to the Breen Chell Grett Warship. This is the only tactical ship amongst the three that you can get. I have 5 days out the required 25 days done for this ship. I also have picked up the tactical Kit piece, Cryo Grenades. The Cryo and Plasma grenades cannot be slotted at the same time, I currently have the Cryo’s slotted to see if they work for me. I also have picked up a winter weapon so that I can fight the snowmen effectively and gain the winter currencies as fast as I can so that I can get the Breen Warp Core. He has also completed the Tides of Ice assault all ten times. So I can buy anything now.
                Another thing to note, I have gotten 2 more specializations beyond the 10 that you get from leveling. I am still working on Commando Specialization. Once it’s maxed out, I will go on to the Intelligence Specialization.

Admiral Grell
                He is now level 55. He completed the Mirror Invasion Event and got the big payout.  He ran the Bonus Marks events but did not do the Junior Officer Event.  He also is working on the Delta Quadrant Alliance reputation, currently at Tier II.
                The Winter Wonderland Event is in progress. He is working to get the Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider. Of the three ships, this one is the closest to being an engineering ship. With Zombee finished with getting the ten Tides of Ice completions Grell has started on getting them.  But since I can only throw snow balls, it is very hard to be effective and get much in the way of rewards. But he will have the necessary currencies soon and will be able to purchase an event weapon to use.

General Torc
                He is now level 55. He also completed the Mirror Invasion Event and the Bonus Marks Event. He also did not do the Junior Officer Event. He also has gotten to Tier II in the Delta Quadrant Alliance reputation.
                The ship he is going for in the Winter Wonderland Event is the Breen Sarr Theln Carrier. This ship is completely geared towards science operations. Also this ship is Tier 6, while the other two can be pushed up to Tier 5U. Once Grell has completed the 10 required Tides of Ice runs, then Torc will start down that path.

                I would like to say that I played more than this, but I can’t, at least not MMO’s. I have been playing Sims Life Free play, XCOM: Enemy Within and Galactic Civilization II.