Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Character Update

                So I have been busy looking for a new job. So I have been doing more Job searching that gaming. But I have been able to sneak some time in for gaming, all for STO though, so not much else to report on.

Star Trek Online (STO)
                Winter Wonderland is still in full swing. They have made some changes to it and removed the Tides of Ice is no longer required. So now all of my guys are just doing whatever they can to get the glossies of Q and the Winter Currencies to buy the Ship and Warp Core.
                The only other thing of note has been that the Elachi Alert Event happened this past weekend.  Running this nets you any Rep Marks. SO I just ran that for each person for my marks this past weekend. Otherwise, I have just been running the appropriate STF to get the marks that I want.
                And now we move on to the individual efforts in STO.

Fleet Admiral Zombee
                Making good progress with the getting the winter event ship. And I need very few Targ Earmuffs to get the warp core. Other than that, I was working on Omega gear but stopped to use my refined Dilithium to upgrade my gear and to enhance my ship so that I can up my DPS and finally complete the Delta Quadrant Storyline and start working on Advanced Queues.

Admiral Grell
                Making progress towards the winter ship and getting the warp core. But have a long way to go. Also just running whatever will get me Delta marks so that I can get the Delta Gear. He is now Tier IV in the Delta Alliance Rep.

Admiral Torc
                He has been making progress towards getting the winter ship and the warp core. Running what I can to get the Delta Marks. He is now Tier III in the Delta Alliance Rep.

And that was it for this past week. Hope you enjoyed!

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