Vice Admiral Danic (STO)

Full Name:          Danic                                                     Species:               Vulcan
Gender:               Male                                                      Career:                 Starfleet Science Officer
Rank(Grade):     Vice Admiral(50)                                   Command:          U.S.S. Searcher
Height:                 6’1”                                                      Weight:               180 Lbs

                Danic was born on ESD and raised by his Human mother on Mars Colony. While sharing traits of both Vulcan and Human physiology, he does tend to favor his human side when interacting with others. He does retain the self-discipline and emotional control of most Vulcans, but he is less confused by emotional responses. He joined Starfleet to study exo-biology and to do research. His aptitudes in the academy showed he had potential as in command. His first mission though thrust him into ship captain when they were attacked by borg and the Captain was killed in action, as where most of the command staff. His performance in getting the ship out of danger and back to ESD convinced Admiral Quinn to confirm his promotion to Captain of the U.S.S. Discovery, a light cruiser. He has since served in surprising fashion through several incidents with the Borg, The Romulan Empire, Iconians, Klingons, Voth and Undine.

                Diplomatic           Rank 2                   Science                 Rank 2                   Engineering        Rank 3
                Military                 Rank 3                   Exploration         Rank 2                   Espionage           Rank 3
                Medical               Rank 2                   Colonial                Rank 2                   Trade                    Rank 2
                Development    Rank 4                   Recruitment       Rank 2

Standings with the Special Units:
                Task Force Omega                           Tier V                    Nukara Strikeforce          Tier V
                New Romulus                                   Tier V                    Dyson Joint Command   Tier V
                8472 Counter-Command                  Tier V

Starfleet Academy Record:
                Tactical Systems:
                Starship Attack Patterns             0              Starship Energy Weapons                    6
                Starship Maneuvers                    6              Starship Stealth                                    0
    Starship Energy Weapon Specialization  6   Starship Weapons Training                   6
    Starship Projectile Weapons       6              Starship Targeting Systems                   6
    Starship Threat Control              0              Starship Projectile Weapon Specializations 6

                Engineering Systems:
                Driver Coil                                   9           Structural Integrity                                 6
                Starship Electro-Plasma Systems  0           Starship Engine Performance                 6
                Starship Armor Reinforcements    6           Starship Batteries                                  0
                Starship Subsystem Repair           0           Starship Impulse Thrusters                     6
                Starship Hull Plating                     6           Starship Auxiliary Performance               0
                Starship Hull Repair                     6           Starship Warp Core Efficiency               6
                Starship Warp Core Potential       6           Starship Shield Performance                  6
                Starship Weapon Performance     6

                Science and Operations Systems:
                Starship Flow Capacities              6           Starship Power Insulators                        6
                Starship Graviton Generators        6           Starship Inertial Dampers                        6
                Starship Countermeasure Systems 0          Starship Shield Emitters                           9
                Starship Shield Systems                6           Starship Particle Generators                    6
                Starship Sensors                           0           Starship Subspace Decompiler               0

                Science Officer Ground Skills:
                Medic                                          6           Physiology                                               0
                Scientist                                       6           Probability Logistics                                 6
                Combat Armor                            6           Weapon Proficiency                                 6
                PS Generator                               6           Threat Control                                         0
                Willpower                                    6           Particle Physics                                        0

Biological Traits:
                Vulcans are from an arid world. Though there history is filled with violence, they rose from this to become beings of logic, suppressing their emotions.  
                Mental Discipline                             Strong                   Accurate              Astrophysicist
                Conservation of Energy                    Elusive                  Nerve Pinch       Techie
                Warp Theorist            Photonic Capacitor                          Advanced Hull Reinforcement
                Fortified Hull              Enhanced Shield Systems                 Hull Repairing Nanites
                Medical Nanites         Integrated Nanofibers                      Indomitable
    Enhanced Personal Shields          Quantum Singularity Manipulation
    Medical Nanite Cloud                  Refracting Tetryon Cascade         Defiance

                Body:                    Solonae Striker Environmental Suit
                Shields:                 Personal Shield Mk XI [Cap]
                Kit:                        Science Kit- Physicist Mk X
                Weapons:             Protonic Polaron Pulsewave Assault Mk XII [CrtD][KB3]
                                              Vulcan Lirpa Mk XI [Dmg]x2
                Devices:               Triolic Pattern Emitters
                                              Shard of Possibilities
                                              Ophidian Cane
                                              Nukara Tribble


                Name:  U.S.S. Searcher                                 Designation:      NCC-94071
                Class:    Solonae                                               
                Fore Weapons:    Protonic Polaron Dual Cannons Mk XII [CrtD][Dmg]
                                              Protonic Polaron Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [CrtD][Dmg]
                                              Gravimetric Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk XII
                                              Solonae Dual Heavy Proton Cannons [Acc][CrtH]x2
                Aft Weapons:      Omni-Directional Antiproton Beam Array [Acc][Dmg][Arc]
                                              Protonic Polaron Beam Array Mk XII [CrtD][CrtH]
                                              Bio-Molecular Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtH]
                Tactical Consoles:      Photonic Displacer
                                                     Assimilated Module
                                                     Auto Targeting Module Mk XII [+ChP]
                Science Consoles:       Nukara Particle Converter
                                                     Shield Refrequencer Mk XII [+Emit]
                                                     Shield Refrequencer Mk XII [+InDam]
                                                     Shield Refrequencer Mk XII [+PowIns]
                Engineering Consoles:  Energy Signature Dampener Mk XII [+Res4a]
                                                        Energy Signature Dampener Mk XII [+Res4b]
                Deflector:                       Solonae Deflector Array Mk XII
                                                        Solonae Secondary Deflector Array
                Impulse Engines:           Solonae Hyper-Efficient Impulse Engines Mk XII
                Warp Core:                    Solonae Overcharged Warp Core Mk XII
                Shields:                           Solonae Resilient Shield Array Mk XII

Notable Crew Members:
                Derip B’zoph                      Andorian Tactical Officer               First Officer
                                B’zoph has not been with Danic for very long, but in that time he has risen from Chief of Security to First Officer. His record shows that he is a disciplinary problem for most of his career, often ending up in fights with his fellow officers. Since he has been given the First Officer position though he has not has any such reported incidents.

                Phillip Otis Kerrick            Human Engineering Officer         Chief Engineer
                                Kerrick has been with Danic for some time, mostly in this capacity. Record do not indicate anything special about this person.

                Sehedula Jazaz                  Betazoid Engineering Officer      Chief of Operations
                                Jazaz has been with Danic the longest. He has been efficient and prompt with all paperwork. He has been on away missions with Danic regularly and seems to p[erform very well under fire.

                Zisol Olraroph                    Andorian Science Officer              Chief Science Officer
                                While Olraroph appears to be a bit promiscuous, she has a bright mind and is very resourceful in her research efforts. Danic often brings her on away missions requiring environmental suits.

                Santa Cammie Yasso       Human Science Officer                  Chief Medical Officer
                                Yasso has performed admirably as Ship’s doctor for Danic for some time now. She goes with him on almost every away mission.

                Armand Jed Gelfo           Human Tactical Officer                   Chief Tactical Officer
                                Gelfo has served Danic on several ship commands, usually as his tactial advisor and away team body guard.

                Karan’ikat                            Jem’Hadar Tactical Officer            Chief Of Security
                                Karan’ikat reported to Danic after the 2400 Incident at DeepSpace Nine. Danic’s action there led this free Jem’Hadar to join Danic. Danic placed ihim in charge of Security.  Danic’s ships have never been more secure.

                Padiroo                                                Android Science Officer               
                                Padiroo was assigned to Danic not to long ago. Padiroo has since seen action in away missions involving environmental suits.

                Jos                                          Breen Tactical Officer
                                Jos serves only Danic after he freed him from an Defarian prison. Defera was happy to release Jos to Danic. Jos was useful in the efferts against the Breen in Defera Space.

                Nelen Exil                            Voth Science Officer
                                Rescued by Danic after he defected from the his people. Has been on Danic’s ship ever since.

                Vkatruvaon                        Reman Science Officer
                                Joined Danic after he rescued some Reman Rebels from the Tal’Shiar. Has not been in any trouble nor done anything untoward against the Federation. Seems to be a loyal ship crewmember.

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