Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lieutenant General Brans Sisteric Tevis, KDF Engineering Officer

      So today we will go over my Klingon Empire character, Sisteric.

Character Information for Sisteric
       Name: Brans Sisteric Tevis      Nickname: Sisteric      Rank: Lieutenant General     Grade: 50
       Race: Gorn                              Sex: Male                   Career: Engineering Officer
       Active Ship:
            Name: IKS chonnaQ          Class: Vor'cha Battle Cruiser (retrofit)
            Crew Compliment: 1500

      Bridge Crew:
            N'Goren                            Rank: Commander              Quality: Very Rare
            Race: Klingon                    Sex: Female                        Career: Science Officer
            Departments: Medical                                                  Stations:

            Alsaa                                 Rank: Commander              Quality: Rare
            Race: Gorn                        Sex: Male                           Career: Engineering Officer
            Departments: Engineering                                             Stations: Away Team and Tactical Station II

           Tzenek                                Rank: Commander             Quality: Very Rare
           Race: Reman                       Sex: Male                          Career: Science Officer
           Departments: Science                                                   Station: Away Team and Science Station I

            Sarulla                                Rank: Commander            Quality: Very Rare
            Race: Klingon                     Sex: Female                      Career: Engineering Officer
            Departments: Operations                                             Station: Engineering Station I

            Remmo'Zun                        Rank: Commander            Quality: Very Rare
            Race: Jem'Hadar                Sex: Male                          Career: Tactical Officer
            Departments: First Officer and Security                        Station: Away Team and Tactical Station I

            Kul                                    Rank: Commander             Quality: Very Rare
            Race: Breen                       Sex: Male                          Career: Tactical Officer
            Departments: Tactical                                                  Station: Away Team and Tactical Station II

  So there is the crew of the IKS chonnaQ. This is my Klingon faction character. The ship is medium in size with a decent turn rate. The engines are of Honor Guard make and that is the best gear out there for Klingons. The shields are Honor Guard too. The deflectors are of Jem'Hadar design. Her weaponry is a mish mash of Breen, Romulan, Klingon and Honor Guard make. She is still in upgrading phases as I complete missions and get better technology.

   My goal with this character is to complete gearing him and then work on maxing out his manufacturing skills. Once that is done, he will then works toward gaining the dilitium need to upgrade the account.

Next time, we will over my final STO character, Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Danic, a Starfleet Science Officer. Tune in to find out more about him.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vice Admiral Zombee Scorpio Danus, Starfleet Tactical Officer

 So this will be my first pass at my Star Trek Online Characters. So here we go.

Character information for Zombee
    Name: Zombee Scorpio Danus     Nickname: Zombee     Rank: Vice Admiral      Grade: 50
    Race: Alien (Avalonian)                Sex: Male                    Career: Tactical Officer
    Active Ship:
         Name: USS Hesse                  Designation: NCC-92943           Class: Oddysey Star Cruiser
         Crew Compliment: 2500

    Bridge Crew:
         Memak'kiclan                       Rank: Commander          Quality: Very Rare
         Race: Jem'Hadar                   Sex: Male                       Career: Tactical Officer
         Departments: First Officer and Security                        Stations: Away Team and Tactical Station I

         Meama                                Rank: Commander           Quality: Uncommon
         Race: Alien                          Sex: Male                         Career: Engineering Officer
         Departments: Operations                                             Stations: Universal Station I

         Miranda Whitely Syler         Rank: Commander            Quality: Very Rare
         Race: Human                       Sex: Female                     Career: Science Officer
         Departments: Medical                                                  Stations: Science Station I

         Alan Jon Crisler                  Rank: Commander             Quality: Very Rare
         Race: Human                      Sex: Male                          Career: Engineering Officer
         Departments: Engineering                                             Stations: Away Team and Engineering Station I

         Lameran                             Rank: Commander             Quality: Very Rare
         Race: Reman                      Sex: Male                           Career: Science Officer
         Departments: Science                                                   Stations: Away Team and Science Station II

        Kel                                      Rank: Commander             Quality: Very Rare
        Race: Breen                         Sex: Male                          Career: Tactical Officer
        Department: Tactical                                                      Stations: Away Team

     That is my Captain and crew of the USS Hesse,  a very large, fast moving, but slow turning starship. She is decked out in Anti-proton beams and Photon Torpedoes specifically modified to be more effective against Borg. She has also been modified with Omega Force style shields and deflectors and a mark 13 high speed Impulse engines. This ship can take and deal out damage very well, but maneuvers like ocean liner.

     Things of note about my crew are that three of them are from races that are known enemies of the Federation (Jem'Hadar, Reman and Breen). My character and my operations cheif are from races outside of the Federation. And my only female officer is the Doctor. The sole Federation representatives are a pair of Humans.

     I am also a member of a fleet called the Starfleet Defense Force. We have our own starbase. We also are developing our embassy at New Romulus.

     My goal with this character is to get enough dilithium converted to Zen bucks to increase my account wide  options, like more characters, account bank and more slots for starships. I also need the Zen bucks to get keys to unlock the numerous boxes I have for the loot inside.

     Next time I will cover Lieutenant General Brans Sisteric Tevis, a Gorn Engineering Officer serving the Klingon Empire. Tune in to find outabout him and his crew.

Also of note is the fact that I was listening to the Epic Questions Podcast and EpicInsanity gave me a shout out for mentioning him on my blog, and posting links to his blog and podcast. That was cool to me, and I thank him.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Asmodea, the Human Combat Rogue

     This one is about my rogue that I am leveling right now so that I can have her Alchemy skill maxed out to make Living Steel and to change the uncommon gems to rare gems.  So on to the info.

Character Stats for Asmodea
     Name: Asmodea          Race: Human          Sex: Male          Class: Rogue          Level: 77
     Specialties: Combat                                   Guild: The DarkSiders
     Base Stats:
          Strength: 122          Agility: 705              Stamina: 701          Intellect: 42          Spirit: 91
          Mastery: 16%         Health: 13608           Energy: 100           Average iLevel: 151
      Melee Stats:
          Damage: 467 - 566     DPS: 360.2      Attack Power: 2215     Speed: 1.43
          Haste: 7.75%             Hit: 4.56%       Crit: 13.18%                Expertise: 0%
      Defense Stats:
          Armor: 4787            Dodge: 22.72%       Parry: 3.01%            Block: 0%
          Shadow Focus, Deadly Throw, Leeching Poison, Shadowstep, Prey on The Weak
      Major Glyphs:
          Glyph of Adrenaline Rush
      Minor Glyphs:
            Alchemy: 374          Herbalism: 401
            Archaeology: 0        Cooking: 0          First Aid: 431      Fishing: 0

      Asmodea was made at the point that I decided that I wanted every profession covered. Also at this time I decided that I wanted 1 character of every race and at least one of every class. Asmodea was my human Alchemist. Now, I do have one of every class and race, but until I start playing them, I will not present them here.
     My goals with her is to get her Alchemy maxed out so that I transmute gems and living steel. I also plan on making all the best healing potions. I never plan to give her a second spec because there is no real difference in the specs to me. They are all melee DPS and the mechanics are basically the same with just a change in what the skill names are. And I am really waiting for the day that Combat really lives up to it's description and can go toe to toe with others in a direct attack. Currently they aren't allowed to tank and I feel this is very limiting on Blizzards part.
      Currently, prior to 5.2, I level Asmodea whenever I have done all that I need to for Airholen.

    Tomorrow I will go over Vice Admiral Zombee Scorpio Danus, as Starfleet Tactical Officer in Star Trek Online. Tune in to find out more about him and anything related to Star Trek Online.

    One more thing to note, on the Podcast Horde for Life, I had wrote them an e-mail about vehicle combat and what Blizzard could do with it. My jaw dropped when they read it on their show and they agreed with my points. So listen to episode 66 to hear my letter. Thanks!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Airholen, the Draenei Beast Master Hunter

    Welcome to my first blog about my characters. In this one we will talk about Airholen. So lets get Started.

Character Stats for Airholen
    Name: Airholen             Race: Draenei          Sex: Male          Class: Hunter           Level: 90
    Specialties: Beast Mastery and Survival         Guild: The DarkSiders
    Base Stats:
           Strength: 167     Agility: 15175     Stamina 17515     Intellect: 185     Spirit: 195
           Mastery: 27.41%                         Health: 391613     Focus: 120       Average iLevel: 489
    Ranged Stats:
           Damage: 16147-23825    DPS: 7257.1     Attack Power: 33561     Speed: 2.75
           Haste: 8.93%                   Hit: +7.17%      Crit: 17.66%                   Expertise: 7.74%
    Defense Stats:
           Armor: 23741          Dodge: 11.44%         Parry: 0%          Block: 40%
    Talents: Beast Mastery Set
          Narrow Escape, Silencing Shot, Spirit Bond, Dire Beast, A Murder of Crows, Glaive Toss
                 Survival Set
          Narrow Escape, Silencing Shot, Spirit Bond, Thrill of the Hunt, A Murder of Crows, Barrage
    Major Glyphs: Beast Mastery Set
          Glyph of Endless Wrath, Glyph of Mend Pet, Glyph of Mending
    Minor Glyphs: Beast Mastery Set
          Glyph of Revive Pet, Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah, Glyph of Fireworks
          Jewelcrafting: 610           Mining: 600
          Archeology: 155     Cooking: 600     First Aid: 600     Fishing: 600
     Active Hunter Pets:
          Hogan the Crane, Mayran the Chimaera, Ouroborus the Worm, Panterra the Spirit Beast
          Rocket the Shale Spider
    Airholen was made when my warlocks stalled. I like having pets so I choose a hunter. I picked Draenei because they had a bonus to jewelcrafting and self healing abilities. Now Airholen is my main and is used to do all the content when it's fresh and I use to get anything for my account. Mounts, pets and achievements are primarily accomplished through  him.
    My goals with this guy is that I keep his gear to be the best for what I do. Keeping my skills and professions maxed. And grinding all the reps to be exalted. And all the achievements that can be gotten on the Alliance side done. Airholen will also will be running the old raids when I have time.
     Currently, prior to 5.2, I work on Valor capping so that I can get the best in gear equipment  And I make sure that I run Terrace of the Endless Springs to get a chance at my shoulders from Lei Shi.

  Tomorrow I will cover the character that I run when I have Airholen valor capped, Asmodea. Tune in to learn more about her. Also, I think that once I have covered all of the major characters I currently have, I am going to go back and talk about why I made the selections on character skills, talents and professions.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 20

    And I have reached the final day of WOW blogging challenge. This means we will be seeing more about what I want to right and less about me. Today's post is about what I would if this was my last day to play WOW.

The Last Day's of Airholen
     I would logg into Airholen and start running every single old raid that I have yet to try. I would also run every dungeon I have never ran and just plain go out doing every bit of content I could before the day ended. And yes, I would sit at the computer for 24 hours just to maximize the time as best possible.
     There is loads of the content I have not done, and haven't felt like doing because I know I will get to it either on an Alt or by one of my max level characters when I have time. The content, as a whole, is not going away.So I don't feel any pressure to do it right now. But if I have a time limit, then the feeling to complete everything would be there and I would be running all over the place as best as I can to get it all done.

   So that's the 20 Day challenge. Hope you enjoyed it. Starting tomorrow I will start talking about my characters. First up will be Airholen. With him will come the format on how I will do it all from here on out.

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 19

    Sorry for this blod in it's delay. But yesterday I was not feeling well. So I am going to do day 19 and 20 today. This is one is going to cover what's in my bag. So here is the list.

Airholen's Bag o'Goodies

Cindergut Peppers x 2, Snakeroot Seed, Jeweler's Kit, Hearthstone, Steadfast Footman's Medallion, SI:7 Operative Manual, Brann's Trusty Pick, Dented Shovel, Jeweler's Setting x 7, Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key x 2, Gloves of the Lost Protector, Taoren, the Soul Burner, Malevolent Gladiator's Ring of Alacrity, Dreadful Gladiator's Chain Armour, Malevolent Gladiator's Sabatons of Alacrity, Malevolent Gladiator's Necklace of Prowess, Dreadful Gladiators Chain Spaulders, Lapis Lazuli x 9, Pandarian Garnet x 12, Roguestone x 7, Sunstone x 20, Tigar Opel x 12, Alexandrite x 7, River's Heart x 9, Primordial Ruby x 8, Imperial Amethyst x 4, Sun's Radiance x 12, Mote of Harmony x 8, Spirit of Harmony x 17, Sparkling Shard x 9, Serpent's Eye x 3, White Trillium x 21, Black Trillium x 34, Ghost Iron x 32, Unstable Portal Shard, Kyparite x 32, Master Plow, Gin-ji Knife Set, Great Banquest of the Brew, Guo-Lai Runestone x 6, Cooking School Bell, Domination Point Commission x 1477, Dried Needle Mushrooms x 20, Banquest of the Steamer x 10, Winter Viel Cookies x 5, Heavy Windwool Bandages x 20, Great Banquent of the Steamer x 9, Tangy Yogurt x 14, Winter Viel Roast x 2, Sea Mist Rice Noodles x 20, Banquent of the Pot x 20, Great Banquent of the Wok x 5, Weather Beaten Fishing Hat, Jeweled Fishing Pole, Great Banquent of the Oven x 10, Crispy Dojani Eel x 4

    All of gems are present because I am a jewelcrafter. And I am trying to save up enough stuff to make all of the mounts and pets. Plus it allows me to gem any new items that I will use right away. I also do farming and fishing, so I keep gear associated with that. I am also a Miner and so collect ore all the time that I can. I cook alot so I have all the banquents and the bell so that I can train my apprentice cook. I have my growing collection of PVP on me so that I can switch into it at any time.  have a friend that PVP's alot so I join up with him from time to time. He is on a PVP server, I am on a PVE server, so the switch is to ensure my survival on his realm as well. I noticed that I have some stuff that I don't need to carry around so  I will have to plan out what I am going to do with it.

   So that s what Airholen lugs around. Next post will be about what I would if this was my last day to play WOW. Tune in to find out.

Friday, February 22, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 18

    So today we cover outfits. And I have transmog gear. But I have not transmog things, because I have better uses for my gold than to change how some piece of gear looks. That is not to say that I don't like certain looks, just that I don't persue it in WOW. Just not how I spend my time on my characters. The look of gear as I get it seems fine to me. I like that it changes as I get new gear and yet still somehow meshes well. Now I have collected some gear for use as transmog gear, just because I think it looks cool. And maybe someday I will do that. But I still need lots of gold to accomplish other things first. So transmoging is something I wait till I have completly optimized my gear and don't plan on changing it for months. And I have only reached that point in Cata. I have not gotten there in MoP. And it doesn't look like I will anytime soon.

   So there is 2 more days left in this challenge. Tomorrow will be about what's in my bags and bank. This should be interesting. Tune in to find out what I have ferreted away.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 17

    So today the subject is about my favorite spots in game or out. I am going to cover both in game and out.

My favorite Spot in WOW
      This is not very easy for me. Each of my characters are at different points in the game usually so there is no one spot I always hang out at. Pre-Cata there was a place I used to have all my charcters go to, Ironforge. But since Stormwind has become the sole hub to go to the higher content, Stormwind had become the place for those characters below 85. Once the character can go to Pandaria, I use the hub in the Vale as the hearthing spot and the place I mostly likely will be seen. But as for going out and about in the world and picking a spot to visit, I have none.
       Now, I do have a favorite spot to take screen shots at for my Characters, for Alliance that is at the fountain in front of the Castle in Stormwind. And for the Horde is in front of the Garrosh's hall in Orgrimmar.

My favorite Spot in the World
       This is a two-fold answer. My favorite spot that I have been too is Disney World. I love the atmosphere, activities and food there. My favorite spot to visit is the Black Forest region of Germany. I love the history of the region, and I have traced my genealogy to that region.

    And so that is my favorite places. Tomorrow I will talk about my favorite outfits. Tune in to find out about my fashion sense.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 16

    So today I am supposed to talk about what I miss Post-Cataclysm. I will definitely looking at this through the Hunters lens, since that's what I play the most.

What I miss Post-Cataclysm
    Hunter melee weapons. When I first made my Hunter, I made him as a melee Hunter. I ran around fighting with pet up close and personal. I found this style of play very fun. But now, all ways to use melee weapons has been removed. And reason to use the melee weapons have been removed. All damage dealing abilites are tied to Bows, Crossbows and Guns.
    I also miss any real AOE attacks. The only AOE attacks that a hunter has REQUIRES you to have a target. Which makes me completely useless in the Lei Shei fight when she goes invisible. Back when we had Volley, I could pick a spot and damage an actual area. But they took that from us. So it sucks that I can't do anything in certain phases of boss fights. 
     I miss choosing skills for my pets. Now they are the same per beast. My crab and the next guys crab have all the same stats and skills. The only difference would be the spec that we have them in. But if we have left them in the default spec our crabs are exactly the same. That's a loss of individuality that I noticed has been the trend with wow with each expansion. I see this as a sad direction.And I don't like it and wish it could be changed.
      I miss also the plateau that you reached when gearing your main so that you can level alts. I have not been able to reach a point with my main to feel like I can level my Alts. Cata I was able to reach that point and got my Alts up, but MoP has not reached that for me. I long for the time to run my other Alts more than I do now. I like having variety in my game play, and MoP has not made that easy for me.

    And that's what I miss most. Tomorrow's subject is My favorite spot in game or out. Tune in to find out where this could be.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 15

    So today is supposed to be about my Desktop background and why I chose it. So this will be real easy.

My Wallpaper
     My computer background at home and work is screen shots of my characters in various points and then photo shopped to have their name and other info placed in it. And then the pics are then set to rotate every 10 minutes. I did this because I liked the rotating background. I also did it because I wanted to learn somethings about Photoshop. And I chose my characters because I like the subject matter. I think the camera work was good. And the resolutions was real good. So that's that why I have the backgrounds that I do.

     Next time the subject is things I miss (Post Cataclysm). Tune in to find out what that may be.

Monday, February 18, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 14

    So today is supposed to be about what upsets me. What upsets me may not even bother you in the game. But here we go.

What upsets me?
     What upsets me in game is homogenized characters. Currently, to me, WOW has taken more and more real customization from characters since I started playing.
      1st thing
             Weapon skills. It used to be that you had to level weapon type. Now, you just can use all weapons you class can you with no difference from weapon to weapon. So instead of being good with one weapon but sucking with others, you just can get the best weapon no matter what type it is. Personally, if there is no mechanic that truly makes it a choice between weapons, why even have weapon types. I liked it having to make a choice to switch from one weapon another based not only on the weapons stats for my skill with that weapon too.
      2nd thing
               Talents. Talents are so paired down now that it's simple. Simple enough that my 8 year old daughter can make the right choices. The choices are not unique enough. And not possible to be varied enough. The original way of having all three talent trees open to be picked from as you level I liked better. It allowed me to optimize my character to my play style. It great for me. I didn't set my Hunter up as a huge DPSer but more buffed towards using my pet and traps. I enjoyed crowd control on my hunter and then wading in with melee weapons. But the current system has so stripped what do from it that I can't play that way anymore. I have to be DPSer or get ridiculed. So what happen to playing my way?
      3rd thing
                Radical class changes. I am going to reference Hunter specifically because it's what I know that got changed in major and in sweeping ways that I feel was to the classes detriment. Hunters had mana changed to Focus. Focus is capped at 120 for me. And there is no potion to regain it. And the regen rate sucks big time. When I had built my hunter pre-Wrath, I had a lot of mana and my regen rate was awesome, I had sacrificed agility to keep this going. But then I had melee weapons and skills that I could use, and did. Now, I have to regen my focus with channeled shots and special commands to my pet. As well as the right talent selection. When Hunters had mana there was quite the variety of ways to do things, between pushing mana or  agility. And whether to focus on melee or ranged battle was also part of it. And you trained your pet skills too back then. Now there is no selection. They just get everything they are going to get and that's it. One crab is the same as another. No customization at all between the pets. Also, Hunters are relegated to strickly ranged weapons, for if the use anything other than a gun or bow, they can't use their special abilities. I don't even know why WOW even bothers letting hunters use melee weapons any more. It's useless to our class now. All these things went a long way to pulling the customization from Hunter characters. I could go on about What they did to Death Knights, but I think you get the drift here. These changes killed my way of playing. And for all of WOW's statement that MoP will allow me to play my way, it has done little to do that, and more of forcing me to play in modes I wasn't interested in or capable of doing. Which brings me to point four.
     4th thing
                Forced game play. Currently WOW has added quest line(s) that force you to play in Raids and PVP. Quest lines that start off as PVE and then force you to do these other play styles that you had no interest or time for. End result, to me, is that I have a quest chain that I may never finish and have to decide on whether to abandon it or have it occupy a spot for the day that I can get it done. It sucks, because I really only have time for PVE and LFR. I don't really have time for raiding or making raid friends, and I really don't have much time for Solo play at times. Forcing people to play in environments they don't want to really isn't letting me play my way, the MoP creedo.

I have way more things that bug me about WOW as it is now. But I think I have said enough for today. Tomorrow's topic is about my desktop background and it's reasons why. Tune it to find out more.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 13

    So today I talk about people I admire in WOW. This is hard for me. For I generally do not idolize people at all. I look to them for insperation to do things and to try things. But not really admire, per se. So I will actually talk about the people that have inspired me in WOW.

The Inspirational People
     So let's start with Elizabella. She has inspired me to start blogging, and the way to start it.
     EpicInsanity has given me some advice on the starting of this too.
     My co-worker, lets call him Nilli, has inspired me to research WOW more to really optimize my gameplay.
     Rewt and Frecklface have shown me tools and addons that I hadn't considered before.
     Sodapoppin and Reckful has streamed their gameplay live, and make a living at it. It has inspired me to look into that and maybe try it myself. which would be great if it generates enough coin to keep me going.
     Justin, my stepson, for he and I compete. And that drives me to accomplish many things in game.

  So there you have it. Say hi to them if you see them and enjoy the game. Tomorrow the topic is what upsets me. Tune in to find out.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 12

    "It's a typical day in the neighborhood. A typical day in the neigboorhood. Would you be mine, could you be mine. Won't you be my neighbor?" The imortal words of Mr Rodger. And the theme for todays blog. So here we go.

    A typical day in WOW would be for me to log onto Airholen and run radom dungeons and scenarios to build up my valor. On tuesday this changes to doing Terrace and a Sha run. On saturday and sunday I add running an alt (currently Asmodea) to gt that toon maxed level and geared. Until 5.2 comes out I have nothing else to do with him. I already am exalted with all the pandaren factions. And I have proceeded as far as I can on the legendary quest line.

In Real Life:
    Monday through friday, I get up and get ready for the day. Wake the kids. Get them breakfast and ready for school. I then have all people pile in the car, take them to school, then drive myself to work. I work on laptops, printers, the network, the VOIP system and anything else they ask of me for about 9 hours or so. Except on friday, where I typically work about three hours to get my 40 hours for the week. While at work, I listen to podcast, read blogs, study for my CCENT exam and talk about WOW with my co-worker. After work, I drive over to my parent's house to pick my daughter up from her guitar lessens. And then either I get to go home or run whatever errands then Wife phoned into me. Once I get home, either I make dinner or just dish it out for myself. Eat and watch at least one tv show with the family. Tuck the girls into bed and then get on the computer. Usually I bring the dogs i and feed them. And then I go back to playing on the computer till I fall asleep in my chair. When I wake up, i shut everythig down and head to bed.
    On the weekends, I sleep in, then get up and play on the computer othe people wake. Then I get ready for the day and start doing chores. Once those are done for the day, (fr they are never ending), I usually watch tv with the family or we go out. Sometimes I take the kids out front to let them ride their bikes. When the kids head to bed I play online again and then go to bed.

     And that is my typical day in and out of WOW. Exciting right? of a married man. So tomorrow will be about Players/Bloggers that I admire. Tune in to find out who they are.

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 11

   Hello and and once again we have today's topic about flaws.

Flaws and Bad Habits.
    Like most people I don't rallu think I have that many habits or flaws. So asked people around for an answer to this. And my wife's response is that I curse a lot. And I swear like a sailor when I get mad. The fact that I am ex-Navy doesn't cut me any slack at all.
    A lot of people say that I sneak up on them. Now, I don't do this on purpose. But I seems to naturally walk about in a very soundless manner. I don't give fore warnings when I come around a corner. This usally scares people when I say something or touch them.
     As I find this subject matter hard to figure out, I will stop at this point. I am also very tired. So tomorrow will be about a typical day in my life in game and out. Tune in to see how exciting that is.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 10

    So today is supposed to be about my first blog. Look at Day 1 and you will see what I did. So instead, I think I will talk about podcasts I listen too. This topic will lead into Day 10, so it will make sense.

Blogs I read.
     Currently I read The Elizabella Chronicles and EpicInsanity. Elizabella's Chronicles is varied in it's subject matter and done by several people. It's interesting in seeing the many different viewpoints on things.
     EpicInsanity's is one voice talking, but he does cover many subjects. So far, I have found it informative and entertaining.

Websites for me.
     I look at several websites for different reasons.
     Petopia I go to read up on my hunter pets and look for where to find the rare looks.
     WOWHead is where I go to research items and questline details.
     Armoury is what I go to look up my characters.
     MMO Champion to read about patch updates and the data mined info on upcoming gear.
     WOWdb is usually end up at because one of the above websites directed me there.
     Ask Mr. Robot I use to figure out how to gear, gem and enchant my character.

    So this concludes the websites I use. Hopefully you will find these sits of use too. Tomorrow's topic will be about my bad habits and flaws. Tune in if you want to know.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 9

    Sorry about this post coming in so late today. I have had a busy day with work. And todays's topic, My first Blog, is not really much to do. You can see it yourself. Just go to Day 1.
    This was obviously my first go around. And it touched upon who I am. I am not one to talk about myself much. So writing it was difficult. And I really don't know if it covered the topic well enough. I hope it did. But this medium doesn't provide a lot of interactive cues to let you know how successful you are at presenting your point. Which does make this more of an honest approach, in that I am not getting influenced by any body elses feedback as I write. Hopefully I will get some readers out there that will let me know how I am doing and tell me if I am doing well or what I need to improve on.
      Well that's enough musing for know. Tune in tomorrow to find out about what other blogs and website I regulary read and visit.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 8

    So today it is supposed to be 10 things you don't know about me. That should be easy since most of you don't know me at all. So let's get started.

Thing #1:
    Most of you probably do not know of a game called Starfire. I was very involved in that game's development early on. I was even credited in several of the game books. The game was eventually sold and I tried to help out there. But the new company had a different vision for the game and a new direction for it. I generally didn't like the changes. I tried to stay involved with the older games development  but due to some office politics going on between some others, and my own children being born, I ended up leaving the community all together. Every now and then I look in on the game, but it's not the same game I once knew.

Thing #2:
    I was born on Halloween. I love the holiday, and pumpkin pies. My wife does not like pumpkins.

Thing #3:
    I was once in the US Navy. I served on nuclear submarines called boomers. My boat has been decommissioned since I have left the service.

Thing #4:
    I have an Associates in Applied Science fro Computer/Electronic Engineering. I have no certifications and I have been working the IT field since 1992.

Thing #5:
    I have been married twice. First one ended because she was not faithful to me. My second wife, while we argue, will not cheat on me. Nor I on her. Her marriage ended for similar reasons.

Thing #6:
    I play more than WoW for MMO's. I have Star Trek Online (STO), Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO), DC Universe Online (DCU), Champions Online, and Wizardry Online. I have played other MMO's but most of them I quite after just the Initial run. Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) I used to play till they went Free to Play (F2P) Since then the playability of it has suffered enough that I have not wanted to go back yet. There are other MMO's out there that I may one day try. But WOW, STO And Wizardry is what I mainly play at the moment.

Thing #7:
    My favorite pet to have is lizards. When I can, I try to keep some. Currently my wife is against lizards in the house. So I vicariously have lizards by making lizard-like characters when the game allows it.

Thing #8:
    The local TV station ran a story on my local Vampire LARP group. I was part of them at the time. And I did show up on TV in that report.

Thing #9:
     I taught myself to play D&D. I even have taken the time to figure out how to play any RPG by myself just so that I could hone my skills as a DM/GM. I got to the point where when I ran games for other players, I winged everything. I planned nothing out beyond what my world was like and what the story arc was to be about. Everything else I made up as the adventure went. And everyone did have fun. SO much so, that I rarely got to be a player.

Thing #10:
    I wish that I had a regular group of people that I payed with on any game just so that I can feel part of the community and game. I find it very lonely these days always doing randoms and lfr's. So I don't have anybody in my guild, and only know a couple people in game that even try to do anything with, on rare occasions.

    So that, hopefully, is 10 things you didn't know about me and at least find interesting. This was harder than it looked to do. But I persevered on and got through it. Tomorrow is supposed to be about my first blog. Not sure what I am supposed to do with that as all you need to do is go back to Day 1 and see my first blog. SO I don't know what I will write about instead. Tune in to find out.

Monday, February 11, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 7

SO today I will talk about my character's names, and my own moniker. This will give you a chance to see what characters I will be cover in this blog in the future.

Where did Zombeeman come from?
    I used to be very skinny. So much so that the running joke was when I turned sideways I disappeared. Some reference to me being only 2 dimensional. One day, a co-worker and friend looked his keys in car. His driver side window was rolled down enough that I could get my arm in and unlocked the door. From that day forward, they started calling me Zombie because of how thin I was. While I was working there, most of my friends wanted me to get an e-mail address. So I went on a free e-mails service and tried Zombie, but it was taken. So Zombee, Z0mbee and several others. But then I tried Zombeeman and it went through. As that worked for me there, I started using that moniker at other sites and it always worked for me. So it stuck with me online at least. In real life, i have recently been referred to as zombeehubby and zombeedad. But normally it's just Dan.

Where do I get my character names from?
    All of my characters have names. No particular theme to them. I wanted them to be unique to each character so that they would be unique. But as time passed, and I moved from game to another I re-used the names of characters that created memorable moments to me.
    Airholen: That name was first used for creating a elf charcter. I had found an Tolken-esque name generator online and this name popped up. I liked it and used it. That D&D character lived a short but hilarious life fighting lizard people. Well, actually, just watching one lizardman, nicknamed Captain Dexterious, slaughter the other lizardmen invading our camp. We never did anything more after that fight. But it was such a memorable moment that I knew the name had to live on somehow. My Draenai Hunter was the first hunter I made, so I thought it would be appropriate to bring that old rangers name back into use on WOW. Airholen has since become my favorite character in WOW and the one that I test all new things out on first.
    Asmodea: This name I created back in my D&D days for a half-demon/half-elf female paladin. I created the name by femonizing Asmodeus, the prince of the 9th plane of hell. That paladin went on a merry adventures and that group wound up trying to kill the princes of hell. Another adventure series that ended early from lack of player having time. But I liked the name so much that when my first daughter was born, I tried to convince my wife to use it. She said no, and eventually we named her Emma. But that name had to be used, so I made a human female rogue in WOW with that name. I also have a black cat named that too.
   Sisteric: This name was created to get a lizard-like sounding name to a D&D lizardman character. That character was lots of for being so out of place everywhere he went. That group too disbanded during the adventures. So Sisteric gets used on every lizard-like character I create. I have no Sisteric's in WOW, but in Star Trek Online I have a Gorn named that. He is an engineer and maxed out in level. He is very effect in space but his ground pounding skills are still in flux. I haven't quit found his thing.
   Scorpio: This name I used when I first got into rpg's. I am a Scorpio by birth sign, so it was an easy steal. It since has had many characters bear that name and and even graced notable gods, world features and powerful objects names in my own games. Currently, it used as part of the name for my first Star Trek Online character, Zombee Scorpio Danus.  He is in the federation as a tactical officer and specializes in Romulan based gear. The ship is really optimized to take down Borg, and on the ground it's about grenades, stuns and burns.

   I use many more names than this, but you can see with the above names where I draw inspiration from in general. As I get into detailing each character I play, you get to see the thoughts that went into creating and naming these characters. Tomorrow will be about 10 things you don't know about me. Tune in and found out if I shock you at all.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 6

    Wow, I have made it 6 days straight so far. And I feel good about it. Thank you all for reading. Now on to todays topic, What's my workspace look like.

Where I work
    Like I said bfore, I am an IT professional. I administer a network, reapirs all of the computers. repair the student laptops, administer and repair the VOIP system, and do anything else that the wired or wireless network is connected to. I also oversee the ell phone acounts for the company. I do not work in a cubicle, but at a service desk. Here let me show you a panoramic picture of it...

Panoramic view of my desk while sitting in my chair.

    Starting on the far left is the laptop that I work on, in it's docking station. On top of it is photos of my kids. Then you see the two monitors, Keyboard and Mouse along with a picture my eldest daughter made for me. There's an iPhone radio/charging station that is behind the monitors. It's what I use to listen to the podcast I subscribe to. Next is my desk phone, various files, and assorted computer gear. Where ypu see the computer and keyboard on the right is our re-imaging station. Then is our shelves for laptop that have been given to us to repair. Different shelves represent where they are at in the repair process. Next is out white board and our desk of tools. Further off-camera is the front desk that the students, faculty and staff come too in order to let us know they have a computer related issue.Off to the left of the camera is where my co-worker sits.
    The room is kept a cool 60 degrees so I generally have a jacket with me all year long.
    Since this work space is a common area and the front desk to the public, we have done very little to personalize it.

   Ok, so that's where I physically work at. So next weeks topic is the reason behind my Blog's name. Or at least it's supposed to be. But I covered that in Day 2. So instead I will cover why I use my moniker and why my characters have the names that they do. Just so that I don't repeat myself. Tune in and find how how I got the name Zombeeman.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 5

    So today's post is to be about my favorite in-game items. I am going to expand that to include pets and mounts. They function like items in the game even though they are virtual creatures.

Some of my favorite things...
    So I think the top favorite thing of mine in the game is my "Spirit of Competition" pet. It's a limited time pet you had to battle for and win on a drop during the Olympics of 2008. He is the pet I always have out on Airholen since I got him. Since battle pets have come out, I have named the the little guy Olympus. And leveled him to 10 so far.
    My favorite mount right now is the blue jewelcrafting mount. Mainly because it's blue and I made it. I loved the old Voltron series that these mounts are an obvious tribute to.
    My favorite Hunter pet is actually Rocket, the Shale Spider. But Panterra the Spirit Beast actually puts out more damage so I use her over Rocket in most things I have Airholen do.
    The other things in game I really just don't have a favorite of. There has not been a set of gear that I keep to transmog into. In fact I have never transmogged anything to date. I think the items as they are are fine. And I also don't think that it really matter much what you look like, but what you can do with what you got that matters.

   So I think i will bring this to a close. I know it's short but I really don't have a lot to say on this subject. But tomorrow is another day, and another subject. In fact it's going to be about my workplace and desktop. Tune in to find out more.

Friday, February 8, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 4

Hi all, today is supposed to be about the best memories in WOW. So lets get to it...

Best Memory #1
    I think the top most memory for me would be dinging 85 on Airholen. Not because he was was my first 85, (he was), but because I got him there before Justin. Justin is my youngest step son. He and I bonded quite a bit over WOW. So it became a little bit of a competition between us about being the best. Because he isn't a father, working, married or trying to care for his home he ends up with waaay more time than me to play. In Wrath, he leveled 5 characters to 80 by the time I got Airholen to 80. So I thought it was quite the accomplishment to get to 85 before him.  But he leveled 4 guys before I got my next 80 (Strayleaf my Tauren Palladin). Now, I did get to level 90 before him, but that was because he had not been doing well in school and so got himself grounded from WOW. A victory, but didn't have the same feelings since he couldn't compete.

Best Memory #2
    My second most memorable moment to me was when I was online when MoP went live. First time I had ever stayed home from work for a game. I took the personal day just to be able to play MoP on day one. It was amazing to me just how many people were hanging out in Stormwind waiting for the drop. It was the most populated I had ever seen Stormwind be. And when the drop came, the skies filled with flying mounts, mostly dragons. The sun was blotted out. I just followed the butts in front of each point. And I do mean butts. When it cam time to shoot the ships, that was all that I saw. I never saw the ship, except on approach and when I finally got to leave. That part of the mission I just blindly mashed the buttons till it said I had done it and moved to the next point. There was waaaay less people there, maybe 2 or 3 people, and it became easier to actually do the mission. Which got me going to the next stage even faster. It was exhilarating to me to see all these people on the game with me at the same time. And very saddening to know that after today, most of them I would never see again. But I do think that at the next expansion release I am going to do it again. It's an experience that can not be duplicated at any other time.

Best Memory #3
    I think that would be the day I tamed my primary pet for Airholen, Panterra. Panterra is the Loque'nahak Spirit Beast. It's the only spirit beast that doesn't look like a ghost. I had camped it out for a month before I finally got him. My first attempt at getting him ended when a Horde Tauren Druid came along and killed him as I was taming him. Pissed me off. Took me another two weeks before he was up. This time we went unbothered through the whole thing. Back then, each spirit beast had their own abilities. And I had choose Loque'nahak based on her ranged attack and healing abilties. Now, all spirit beast have heals, and her ranged attack was yanked. But I still use her the most. Her ability to deal damage is awesome when in ferocity spec.

   So that is just some of my memorable moments for me in WOW. Hoped you liked it. Tomorrow will be about my favorite Items in game. Tune in to found out what they might be.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 3

    SO today I am supposed to talk about my first day on WOW. But I think I should cover where I was coming from before WOW so that my first impressions would make more contextual sense.

What lead me to WOW?
     I was one of those guys who said that they would never pay to play a game. I would buy the box and play the game. My first multi-player game was on GenieNet playing MechWarrior. Didn't cost any money to play. And it was what is now called PVE. It was great but GenieNet was taken down. So for several years I just played on my machine. Then a co-worker said I should play Everquest. He gave me access to his daughters account he had payed for, and she wasn't using. And I tried it. And enjoyed working with other people. Unfortunately, that friend passed away. And so I stopped playing. When I finally decided to start playing again, I had no online game anymore and my table top gaming had hit a slump.So my table top gaming friends suggested WOW to me to fill the void.

My first day on WOW.
     And so I convinced my Wife that I wanted to try WOW. I bought WOW and the Burning Crusade Expansion and installed it at the same time. Wrath was not out yet. Since this was to fill my gaming needs, I thought that I would run solo at first. I choose a Forsaken, because I have always had the moniker of Zombeeman. It seemed a natural fit. But class was something else. On table tops games, I always tried to be the spellcaster and outdoorsy kind of guy. And as I read the available class, warlock had that imp that starts out with you. I figured two of me would be better than one and so created Zombis. Zombis was the first zombee oriented name that was not already taken. That annoyed me that I couldn't have any name I wanted. The opening cinematic was new to me, and I payed a lot of attention to it. I then started playing, and noticed that the game lacked the tutorials that I was used to seeing. It also seemed strange that no players were about that I could see, and there was none willing to talk to me about what I was supposed to do.I seemed odd to me to, but then I am the one who usually goes out of their way to turn off any and all tutorials in a game so that I could figured it out on my own. I started running those first quests and found that reading all of the quest box was fun and informative on more than just the quest. As I ran along, my stepsons started asking me about the game too. And I ended up on that first day actually spending more time showing them the game than actually playing the game. What I did do, intrigued me. And when I did stop for the night, I was already in the first town. I left that session knowing I was going to play again and knowing that I would have to schedule my time with my two sons desire to play too.

   And that was my first day on WOW, everyone. Zombis still lives, but I moved servers on him. And I haven't played him much since Cata came out. And not at all since MoP. I will go back to him for I have plans for WOW, but it will be some time.

    Tomorrow's blog will be about my best memories in WOW. Tune in to find out.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 2

SO this one is supposed to be about why I started to blog. The answer to that is simple. But the theme for this blog is not as simple. So I will cover both of these answers.

Why I decided to start a blog.
This is simple. I was inspired by Elizabella of the Epic Questions Podcast to start this. I had been looking for a way to speak my mind about WOW and MMO's in general. And on her podcast she talked about how she was taking this blog challenge  So I looked into it, and read her blog and decided that this would be something I could do and had a format that I could follow to get into the swing of things. And now we have this.

Why is my blog called "Cast of Characters"?
Well, I love MMO's. And I try to read as much as I can about MMO's. I also have things I dislike about MMO's. I have tried the forums but it never gives me any satisfaction. Mainly because I can't present subjective feelings about how it affects my fun and play. After reading up others blogs, I can to the realization that this would be the way for me. But to me, it was daunting in how to start blogging. Finding the challenge has given me a way to start.
But the other thing I was noticing is that when people blogged about a game, it was always about one game. I don't play just one game. I play several. And I like all of my characters. So I thought that if I made my blog about my characters that it would be different. And I wouldn't be tied down to just one game. I could explore all my games that I enjoy. It might even force me to to go back to some of my other characters that I have not been diligent about. It would also would let me look at new games and say what I think about them.  And since I have opinions, I would like to talk about what was good and bad in a game for me. And what parts of one game would be nice to see in another game. So once this challenge is over, I will be start getting into my various characters, and what I like about the various games and their updates. I also will cover what I dislike, and any improvements that I would like to see happen.

So this ends my second blog. Day 3's challenge is supposed to be about my first day in WOW. Tune and find out how that went.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 1

This is my first foray into blogging. SO I thought I would start with a format that would get me into the groove. So Day 1 is Introduce yourself.

Who am I?
My name, in real life, is Dan. I am married with 2 step sons and 2 daughters. I am an IT professional that deals in network administration and hardware repair. I also deal with a VOIP system and cellular service for my company. I live in Mesa, Arizona. I also have 2 turtles, 4 cats and 4 dogs living with me. I am christian, eclectic in my political stance and generally have some opinion on everything. I will answer any question asked of me truthfully and honestly, with one caveat. Do not ask me questions you do not want to hear the answer to. And that may very well be my biggest pet peeve, getting mad when you hear my answer. If there is truly anything else you feel you need to know, drop me a line and I will answer.

Who am I in-game?
I have several alts, but my main is Airholen, the Draenei Beast Master Hunter on Alleria server. My first character was Zombis, an Undead Demonlogy Warlock on Alleria. I have since moved him over to Gnomeregan. Airholen is the Guildmaster of The DarkSiders Guild. A position dropped into my lap when the former guildmaster quit. The majority of the guild left at that same time. I have since added my alts and some of my younger son's alts into the guild. I am now moving on to trying to gather more people to join the guild so that it can become a living, breathing entity that will be helpful to others.
As for my play style, I have been a soloist almost from the get go. I have a family so the HardCore Raiding play is not on the table. I would love to work with others to do the non-LFR raids but I can't seem to find people willing to take on a eager Hunter. I run LFR, Random Heroics and Scenarios daily till I reach my Valor cap. I also harvest and plant daily. Once Airholen has capped, I run Asmodea, my Human Combat Rogue. I am trying to level her up so that I max her professions and get the transmuting abilities I need to make the Jewelcrafting mounts.

So I guess that's all I have to say for now. Tomorrow's blog will be Day 2...why did I decide to start to blog.  Questions and comment can always be direct to me at, or you can leave a comment here. I will respond as quickly and truthfully as I can.