Thursday, February 21, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 17

    So today the subject is about my favorite spots in game or out. I am going to cover both in game and out.

My favorite Spot in WOW
      This is not very easy for me. Each of my characters are at different points in the game usually so there is no one spot I always hang out at. Pre-Cata there was a place I used to have all my charcters go to, Ironforge. But since Stormwind has become the sole hub to go to the higher content, Stormwind had become the place for those characters below 85. Once the character can go to Pandaria, I use the hub in the Vale as the hearthing spot and the place I mostly likely will be seen. But as for going out and about in the world and picking a spot to visit, I have none.
       Now, I do have a favorite spot to take screen shots at for my Characters, for Alliance that is at the fountain in front of the Castle in Stormwind. And for the Horde is in front of the Garrosh's hall in Orgrimmar.

My favorite Spot in the World
       This is a two-fold answer. My favorite spot that I have been too is Disney World. I love the atmosphere, activities and food there. My favorite spot to visit is the Black Forest region of Germany. I love the history of the region, and I have traced my genealogy to that region.

    And so that is my favorite places. Tomorrow I will talk about my favorite outfits. Tune in to find out about my fashion sense.

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