Saturday, February 9, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 5

    So today's post is to be about my favorite in-game items. I am going to expand that to include pets and mounts. They function like items in the game even though they are virtual creatures.

Some of my favorite things...
    So I think the top favorite thing of mine in the game is my "Spirit of Competition" pet. It's a limited time pet you had to battle for and win on a drop during the Olympics of 2008. He is the pet I always have out on Airholen since I got him. Since battle pets have come out, I have named the the little guy Olympus. And leveled him to 10 so far.
    My favorite mount right now is the blue jewelcrafting mount. Mainly because it's blue and I made it. I loved the old Voltron series that these mounts are an obvious tribute to.
    My favorite Hunter pet is actually Rocket, the Shale Spider. But Panterra the Spirit Beast actually puts out more damage so I use her over Rocket in most things I have Airholen do.
    The other things in game I really just don't have a favorite of. There has not been a set of gear that I keep to transmog into. In fact I have never transmogged anything to date. I think the items as they are are fine. And I also don't think that it really matter much what you look like, but what you can do with what you got that matters.

   So I think i will bring this to a close. I know it's short but I really don't have a lot to say on this subject. But tomorrow is another day, and another subject. In fact it's going to be about my workplace and desktop. Tune in to find out more.

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