Lieutenant General Sisteric (STO)

Full Name:          Sisteric Tevis Brans                         Species:               Gorn
Gender:               Male                                               Career:                 KDF Engineering Officer
Rank(Grade):     Lieutenant General(50)                   Command:          I.K.S. Thogh’bo
Height:                 8’7”                                               Weight:               350 lbs

             Brans has joined the KDF in search of glory in battle. Little else concerns him. Little else motivates him.          

                Marauding          Rank 3           Science               Rank 2                  Engineering        Rank 2
                Military               Rank 2           Exploration         Rank 1                  Espionage         Rank 4  
                Medical              Rank 2           Colonial              Rank 1                  Trade                 Rank 2
                Development      Rank 4            Recruitment        Rank 2  

Standings with the Special Units:
                Task Force Omega                           Tier IV                     Nukara Strikeforce          Tier IV
                New Romulus                                    Tier IV                     Dyson Joint Command   Tier IV
                8472 Counter-Command              Tier IV

Starfleet Academy Record:

                Tactical Systems:
                Starship Attack Patterns                  6            Starship Energy Weapons                            6
                Starship Maneuvers                         6            Starship Stealth                                            0
    Starship Energy Weapon Specialization  6     Starship Weapons Training                           9
    Starship Projectile Weapons             6           Starship Targeting Systems                          6
    Starship Threat Control                    0           Starship Projectile Weapon Specializations   6

                Engineering Systems:
                Driver Coil                                     9             Structural Integrity                                        6   
                Starship Electro-Plasma Systems    0             Starship Engine Performance                        6  
                Starship Armor Reinforcements       6            Starship Batteries                                         0   
                Starship Subsystem Repair              6            Starship Impulse Thrusters                           6   
                Starship Hull Plating                        6             Starship Auxiliary Performance                    0   
                Starship Hull Repair                        6            Starship Warp Core Efficiency                      6   
                Starship Warp Core Potential         6             Starship Shield Performance                         6    
                Starship Weapon Performance       6             

                Science and Operations Systems:
                Starship Flow Capacities                0             Starship Power Insulators                            6   
                Starship Graviton Generators          0            Starship Inertial Dampers                             6   
                Starship Countermeasure Systems   0            Starship Shield Emitters                                6   
                Starship Shield Systems                  6             Starship Particle Generators                        6    
                Starship Sensors                             0            Starship Subspace Decompiler                    0 
                Engineering Officer Ground Skills:
                Demolitions                                    0            PS Generator                                            6
                Generators                                     6            Turrets and Drones                                    6   
                Combat Armor                              6            Weapon Proficiency                                   6   
                Repairs                                          0            Threat Control                                            0   
                Willpower                                      6            Modification Specialist                               0

Biological Traits:
                Gorns are a reptilian species with Strength and Stamina many times greater than Humans.
                Accurate              Astrophysicist                     Bite                        Lucky    
                Shield Harmonic Resonance        Techie           Warp Theorist                   Grace Under Fire
                Enhanced Shield Systems             Hull Repairing Nanites              Fortified Hull
                Precision              Enhanced Personal Shield            Medical Nanites               Indomitable

                Body:                    Solonae Enforcer Enviromental Suit
                Shields:                 Personal Shield Mark XI [Cap][Reg]
                Kit:                         Equipement Technician Mk X
                Weapons:           Plasma Pulsewave Assault Mk XI [Dmg][DoT3]
                                            Klingon Bat’leth Mk XI [Dmg]x2
                Devices:             Triolic Pattern Enhancer
                                            Shard of Possibilities                                      
                                            Ophidian Cane
                                            Nukara Tribble

                Name:                  I.K.S. Thogh’bo                                 Designation:     
                Class:                   Kamarag                             
                Fore Weapons:      Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Acc][CrtH][Borg]
                                                Dual Antiproton Beam Bank Mk XI [Acc][CtH][Borg]        
                                                Antiproton Beam Array Mk X [Acc][CrtH][Borg]
                                                Hargh’peng Torpedo Launcher Mk XI
                Aft Weapons:         Kinetic Cutting Beam Mk XII [Dmg]x3
                                                Omni-Directional Antiproton Beam Array [Acc][Dmg][Arc]           
                                                Disruptor Turret Mk XI [Acc][CrtD]          
                                                Hargh’peng Torpedo Launcher Mk XI     
                Tactical Consoles: Directed Energy Distribution Manifold Mk XI
                                                Warhead Yeild Chamber Mk X
                                                 Disruptor Induction Coil Mk XI
                Science Consoles:  Emitter Array Mk XI
                                                Stealth Module Mk XI
                Engineering Consoles:  Neutronium Alloy Mk XI
                                                       Plasma Distribution Manifold Mk X
                                                       Field Emitter Mk XI
                                                       Tetraburnium Hull Armor Mk X
                Deflector:                      Tachyon Defelctor Array Mk XII [InC][ShdS][Gra]
                Impulse Engines:           Impulse Engines Mk XI [Full]x2[Turn]
                Warp Core:                    Field Stabilizing Warp Core Mk XI [Coi][SSS]
                Shields:                          Paratrinic Shield Array Mk XI

Notable Crew Members:
                Remmo’Zun                       Jem’Hadar Tactical Officer                            First Officer       
                                Remmo’Zun joined with Brans after returning the Shapeshifter to the Dominion from a Federation Prison. Remmo’Zun advanced himself to first officer in order to better protect Brans.

                Kul                                          Breen Tactical Officer                             Chief Tactical Officer
                                Kul joined with Brans after seeing the dishonorable tactics of his Leaders attacking non-combatants. Kul has been very good at providing intel during the Deferan Incidents.

                N’Goren                              Klingon Science Officer                                  Chief Science Officer
                                N’Goren has been one of the most trusted and longest served officers of Brans. Her loyalty has never wavered and her usefulness on the battlefield has been proven many times over.

                Sarulla                                   Klingon Engineering Officer                         Chief of Operations
                                Sarulla is the only other officer that has a long history with Brans. Her efficiency in keeping the crew fed and the ship supplied has made Brans campaigns very successful.

                Rathep                                 Nausicaan Engineering Officer                       Chief Engineer
                                Rathep has been the Chief Engineer since arrived on board. Brans also taken him on away missions and has proven himself effective in combat.

                Touhirdg                              Android Tactical Officer                                 Chief of Security
                                Touhirdg was handpicked by Brans to be his Chief of Security. She has proven effective at rooting out dissension and treachery on numerous occasions.

                Tzenek                                 Reman Science Officer                                  Chief Medical Officer

                                Tzenek is a Reman Rebel that has chosen to serve Brans to repay the debt of rescuing him and several other Remans from Tal’Shiar Assault Forces. He has proven to be an effective combat medic too.

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