Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weekly Character Update

     Hi all. Sorry this is later than normal. I am on Vacation. Well more of a Staycation. Catching up on house chores. But I do get to play some. And so here is what I have been upto in game.

Airholen the Explorer
     Since I got all of the BIS stuff, I really haven't done much with him. Ran a couple of the older dungeons but that's about it.

Brewmaster Asmodea
     She reached the Timeless Isle and ran the dailies. I got them done but learned that I wont be upping my iLevel this way. So going back to Pandaria and doing dailies there to get the better gear.

Airholen of Baldur's Gate
     So I made it to level 59! Max level is 60. I have doing the story line and enjoying the story as it unfolds. They also released their first expansion. You have to be level 60 to do anything with it. I hope to get to level 60 today and start on this content.

Zombee, Sisteric, Grell and Danic
     Still working on getting the Reps grinded out. Though it's getting boring doing the samething over and over again.

I haven't played anyother games so that's all for now. Tune in next time to see what I write about.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Siege on the Horde

   So this next expansion will be all about removing Garrosh from the Warchief position. He has shown himself to be a racist focused on world domination by any means necessary. The Horde is splintered and suffering from a civil war. The Alliance is trying to help the rebel forces.
    We know that Garrosh will be removed from office. But who will be next? Will another unknown Orc take the reins, or will one of the other races take the lead? And what of the Alliance? What are they to gain from this?
     So what we know is going to happen with the Horde? Well, they are not going away. They get to keep Ogrimmar and everything else that was taken by Garrosh. Everybody will get along again after Garrosh is dealt with.
    So what do we know that the Alliance will gain from this? The satisfaction of helping o put down Garrosh.
   Alliance Leaders suck. The Horde is in a weaken state. The Horde took previously held Alliance lands. And the Alliance leaders do nothing about taking back our lands. They don't get to take Ogrimmar. They don't even get to claim they took Garrosh out. So yes, King Varian and Lady Jaina suck as leaders. I play Alliance. You could say I live and breathe Alliance, and yet I feel no love for it's leaders. The Dwarven king is the only leader with an excuse in this turn of events. When your a diamond statue, you can't make any claims of inluence on the Darkspear Rebellion. But the Dwarven Council, King Varian, Lady Jaina, Tyrande, Malfurion, Prophet Velen. Gelbin and Aysa all have the ability to make decisions and deals over the use of Alliance troops in the Horde Civil War. And not a one of them apparently do. There does not appear to be any gain for the Alliance at all. The only thing the Alliance is getting out of this is the death of some troops and the satisfaction of ending Garrosh's reign.
   So why do it? Why would we care to help the Horde if there is no reward? Unfortunately the only logical answer here is ...gameplay. That's right, the story doesn't count here because the gameplay needs to be consistent between the two factions. And so the Alliance get to look like fools so that the developers have an easier time of bringing a fully fleshed out content that will be fun to play. and remains consistent in it's end results no matter the faction played. The dev's have also stated that they don't think it's a good use of people and resources to revamp the zones just to keep them consistent with the current content or to support story-only elements of WoW.
   I think they do the gaming community an injustice in saying that. I think that if they really want players to be immersed in their world they set before, that Gameplay and Story must be on equal footing. That they need to revamp zones every so often to so show the ebb and flow if the conflict between the Horde and Alliance. And to make player activity dictate this ebb and flow so that those battlefields in pvp have a real purpose. If they can show that, say Alterac Valley, is won more often by the Alliance than the Horde, then give the zone that the Battlefield is in to the Alliance. Just means that before the next patch comes out, the Horde will just have to step up their efforts to win it back. And by doing this simple idea, which is more complicated on the programming side (but not as bad as doing a whole new region) they can immerse us in the Horde/Alliance conflict. They also will make PVP more relevant for players as a means to influence their world and drive more lore related people to do PVP, widening the pool of battleground players, and added more interest into playing PVP than ever before.
  SO what do you guys think? Am I just griping for no reason people care about or am I pointing out an issue that could be fixed? Let me know.

Tune in next time to see what I may write about next.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
     So I switched over to Survivalist spec and tried a run at that Epic Cloak in the Legendary quest. And I got it! It was so easy to do it in Survivalist mode that it was laughable. I made it farther than I ever could in Beast Master on the first try. I only failed the first time because I didn't get out of the are of effect during Wrathion's Mirror Image phase. I was killing those adds like nobody's business. So I have completed the 5.3 Legendary Questline and now wait for 5.4. In the mean time I went to AQ to do some pet hunting. Got two of the pets. Need to rethink my strategy for Viscidius ad go back to Molten Core to get the pets from there.

Brewmaster Asmodea
     Finally reached level 90. So now doing the Isle of Thunder solo scenarios so that I can can valor and gear. I need to up my Ilevel from 421 to 425 so that I can get the Epic Boots and start doing Scenarios. Eventually pushing the ILevel high enough to get into the raids and such.

Airholen of Baldur's Gate
      He is now level 45. He is progressing through the quest lines very well and I have been working on the professions levels too. But they are slower going that my character level. The story is very interesting still. And having to choose which skills I bring to a fight is starting to get hard to do.

     Level his reps again. Also gained new ships and outfits from the free giveaway that Cryptic did. But really nothing compelling to report yet. It's painful these rep grinds.

     Leveled his reps too. And picked up all og the klingon freebies. The new Tier 5 ship is a carrier and is now his main. Very interesting and surprisingly fun way to fight in space.

     Got a couple reps leveled. But didn't do a whole lot else with him. Grell is fun to play on the ground but I got to find a better ship to fit my style. And the Cryptic Giveaway didn't include any Romulan objects.

So that's what I played this week. Tune in next time to see what else I might write about.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dark Below Azeroth

    SO it got announced that Blizzard trademarked "The Dark Below". And speculations ran wild as to which Intellectual Property (IP) was getting this. Fingers pointed between the Diablo and WoW camps. And then a website popped up called "Reaper of Souls" that was obviously Diablo connected and set up by Blizzard. And to cap this news, it was discovered that another Title was "trademarked" by "Blizzard". This was quickly revealed to be a hoax. Putting "The Dark Below" trademarking information into doubt. As the hoax was garnered through the same source as the previously proclaimed trademark. What we do know for sure is that "Reaper of Souls" is very likely the next Diablo expansion. That there is a Blizzard Website with that name done in Diablo style and makes obvious Diablo references. And Blizzard has not commented on the validity of "The Dark Below" trademark news.
    The title sounds plausible. It also opens up the possibility that we would be dealing with Naga in the next expansion. So Queen Azshara would become more prominent in the story and maybe gives us more Burning Legion to go kill. Wrathion in the legendary quest tells us in no uncertain terms that the Legion is coming back. Ra-Den, when you defeat him, comments that we are facing a dark chasm beneath us. And then there is the Squid Boss in Cataclysm that was held the title of Fiend of the Dark Below (Ozumat). So a lot of things do point in this direction. And would not be a bad direction for a new expansion either. Heading below the crust of Azeroth to find Queen Azshara fighting of Infernal Creatures. Maybe even running into a new spearhead effort by the Burning Legion to gain a foothold on Azeroth. Lorewise, this would be an interesting direction and cover some new ground. And the gear could al be designed in a more sinister and infernal style. Personally I think would be a very good way to move the story of WoW from the events in Pandaria and Ogrimmar.
      Also an article came out clearly stating that the latest PVP season will end on August 27th. As people were commenting on this, it's good to note that the last few seasons end when a new patch was released. On top of this info, Holinka, a wow employee, stated that the 5.4 patch would announce the end of the season. So in a couple of weeks 5.4 should be here, and I will be working on the figuring out the rotations for my Hunter and exploring the Timeless Isle.
     So what do you guys think? Will 5.4 come out on time or get delayed? And is "The Dark Below" a hoax? I hope not. Tune in next time to see what else I will write about.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekly Character Update

So another week of Character fun in the sun!

Airholen the Explorer
    The cloak remains beyond my grasp still. I wish that I could complete that mission but he eludes my killing blow still.

Brewmaster Asmodea
     Progress towards 90 has been made but not much.

Airholen of Baldur's Gate
     Made it to level 42. Picked up some gear that will be good when I reach level 60. Working on trying new skills, less ranged and more up close attacks. Proffessions are progressing too.

      I made it to Tier 1 Romulan Rep. Got the Tier One ability for buffing attacks and started on my efforts to get to Tier 2. Opened up some of the store items on Tier 1 Omega Rep. Progress towards Tier 2 Omega still in progress. So is Tier 1 Nukara Rep.

     Made it to Tier 1 Romulan Rep. Working Towards Tier 2 now. Tier 1 Nukara and Omega should be reached soon.

     Made it to Tier 1 Romulan Rep also. Still trying to get Tier 1 of Nukara and Omega. Tier 2 Romulan Rep has been started. Also completed the Paradise Lost storyline. Going to work on another story line, but not sure which one yet.

      Made an effort at the Reps but he hasn't gotten as much face time as the other three.

Tune in next time to see what I have to say about the latest WOW news. There's a lot to digest.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
     Still have not gotten that Cloak. I get real close but he eludes defeat by my hands. I did git the Quakestompers boots so the Cloak is the only thing I need to complete the Tier 15 look.

Brewmaster Asmodea
     Did nothing with her.

Airholen of Baldur's Gate
      Reached Level 40. Upped my profession skills, and bought a horse.

      Completed all of the storyline missions and started working on my reps. Started all that could.

     Worked on his rep too. Had a lot of fun doing the various STF's.

Danic and Sisteric
      I didn't get to these guys.

Blue Adept
     I tried leveling him, but it didn't happen. I did work on several of the story line missions and tried to go to Canada. Canada stayed closed to me. But I am in South America taking on VIPER orginization and taking down a base. Not that easy by myself. But I am progressing.

I also had several vehicle issues. So I was unable to do my podcast. I am working on doing the show this weekend.

Tune in next time to find out what I may write about next.