Thursday, September 17, 2015

Character Update

                I like doing these updates. But as I progress, I see it has become more me just speaking about what I did with the characters and less about the characters themselves. And, it lacks in character to me too. So I am changing the format in which I write these updates. I am going to write them from the perspective of the character itself. So I will start doing that from this one on. Please bear with me as I figure this out and find the voice of each character. Thank you for your time.

                The format will be as a report to some authoritative figure of some kind. Hopefully this will make sense as time goes on.


Airholen the Explorer (WoW)


Prophet Velen,

                May the light be with you. As you know I have taken command of the human-built garrison in this alternate Draenor. I must admit that it was very strange watching you sacrifice yourself to heal a Naaru. And your chosen replacement, Yrell, was a good choice. She initially very unsure and timid, but as time has passed and things been done, she has grown in confidence and wisdom.

                My duties related to the garrison has kept me a little busy. The new shipyard has been working working overtime replacing the three ships I had lost recently. Once they were complete then a fourth ship was sunk by Gul’dan’s fleet. So that transport is even now under construction. My other ships are still operational. The composition of the fleet is being maintained as 2 Battleships, 2 Carriers, 2 Destroyers, 2 Transports and 2 Submarines.

                The Battleship “The Flame of Hope” is crewed by our people, the Draenai. She is fresh from construction docks. The crew is still being sent out on simpler engagements. My flagship is “Airholen’s Arrow” and crewed by the Night Elves. She has survived many naval engagements with the Fel Orc fleet.

                My Carriers are the pandaran manned “Danielle’s Vengeance” and the draenic “Light of Elune”. They both are experienced crews with many missions completed between them.

                The Destroyers are the worgan crewed “Emma’s Fury” and the gnomish “Tyr’s Hand”. Both have been solid additions to our naval operations.

                The Transports have had some the issues. The dwarven “Kobald’s Candle” has been lost at sea. While the human vessel “Booty Bay’s Bounty” has been on only a couple of sorties. The Fel Orcish force has been targeting these vessels of recent. I need to see about how to protect them better.

                The Submarines “Deep Sea Nine” crewed by gnomes and the “Eye of Kilrogg” crewed by the humans have been good but are replacements for recent losses.

                I have a bodyguard, a dwarven Death Knight named Delvar Ironfist. He has been traveling with me as I travel about Tanaan Jungle trying to counter Gul’dan’s plans. There are Draenai that have left the light and have joined forces with the Legion. Archendoun has been under constant threat. And they have suffered an internal betrayal that we never did. I feel quite sad about our brethren that have turned to Legion. And if not for my companion, Panterra, I would surely have fallen into depression. But my spirit beast knows how to keep me connected to what is my true purpose here.

                Khadgar has promised to empower a ring for me if I can just collect enough tomes out of the Hellfire Citadel. So I make regular forays into that fortress trying to collect the things he needs.

                As I bring this letter to a close, I am informed by aides that “Emma’s Fury” has been sunk. So I will have to commission a new destroyer to replace it.


My peace be with you





Warchief Vol’jin,

                I have headed into Silithus from the Ungoro Crater. I am working with the local commander in weeding out the vermin that live about the encampment. My pet, Rommel, and I work well together and make quick work of these oversized insects of the region.

                I hate writing, and I have nothing more to say.




Fleet Admiral Zombee Scorpio Danus


Stardate: 93311.62

TO: Admiral Quinn, ESD

Subject: Status of USS STRONGBOW, NCC-92959


Hello Admiral Quinn,

                The defense of Qo’nos continues to occupy most of my time. The Iconian Heralds constantly assault the Klingon home world. The battle in space on the ground is very fierce and draining. I have had to travel back to ESD on many occasions to affect major repairs and then return to once again this particular battlefront. On the trips to and from ESD is when the crew and my senior staff relax and unwind. Well, except for Memak’kiclan, who uses that time to review all battle data looking for weaknesses in the ships and tactics. He has not been very successful in their ship designs, though we have seen some measure of success using certain counter-tactics. He continues scare the new recruits assigned to our ships to replaces losses. Personally, I think he actually enjoys that. He has a very weird sense of humor.

                Commander Syoet, Commander Nhey’silia and Commander Scot have been working with the Okampa Dhalar and Specialist She’zag Alletyv in upgrading the onboard weaponry. These changes have increased the power output ratio and increased the damaged. Also some improvements to the targeting array and software are being made to get the predictive algorithms to be better against the Iconian threat.

                Captain Kagran has been keeping me in the loop on the progress of the Krenim temporal weapon platform. I question the logic of using it but I understand the necessity of pursuing the technology. Captain Nog and Captain Paris both have voiced their concerns with me too. I hope that the Allied Command is truly thinking this through before deploying this weapon.

                Well, the Doctor Syler wants to take a look at some of my battle wounds from the last ground engagement I was involved in.


Signing off…

                Fleet Admiral Zombee

                Captain of the USS Strongbow