Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Character Update

                Hello all! I know that it’s been a long time since I last wrote. And I am truly sorry about it. But my life has had a lot of upheaval. And a lot of that upheaval is directly related to changes in my personal life. They are changes that I am not comfortable with talking about yet. Suffice it to say, life has been quite mean to me lately and until all of this gets worked out, I don’t feel that talking about it will be helpful to me and this also means that I will not be regularly, or even consistently, posting here. With that said, I still have intentions of posting here when time permits. I still play, and I still review all of the game patch notes. And I still have opinions over it all. So I will do my best to remain timely and appropriate in my posts.
                So given that, I will be giving an update on my STO and WOW characters. Starting with STO and moving on to WOW.

                Fleet Admiral Zombee has been busy. His profile has been updated so you can take a look there for the stat changes and skill progressions so far. Zombee is currently hanging out on Risa doing the Summer Event working on getting the Ferengi Nandi Warship. I am currently about 48% done. Cryptic also announced the release of the Manticore Class Heavy Destroyer, a Tier 6 upgrade of the Chimera Class. This ship is a 1000 day Veteran ship reward. It is a Tactical focus ship, as I look at ships, and so he will be getting this vessel. The Iconian War is progressing it’s storyline with the new expansion and Featured episodes. Of which, Zombee has completed them all.  Zombee is also Tier V in the new Iconian Resistance reputation. Once the Nandi has been acquired, Zombee will outfit it with the Iconian Reputation gear.

                Admiral Bel is a new character. He was created for the Delta Recruit event. He is an Avalonian working for the Romulan Republic and allied with the Klingon Empire. I stopped leveling him once I completed all of the Delta Recruit storyline. I will pick him back up sometime in the near future. He is an engineering officer like Grell. I also created a Delta Recruit for the Fed and Klingons to complete the Delta Recruit for those sides and pick up all of the rewards. I am currently working on Lieutenant Commander Boher, a Saurian Starfleet Engineering officer. Boher will be deleted once all of the Fed rewards are unlocked.

                The rest of the guys have been in a holding pattern while I do this. I plan to leveling and outfitting their best ship on each guy. Once every Character is at max level, completed all the storyline missions, and have decked out their best ship, I will then work on each guy getting their second ship to be decked on and so forth, until every ship is completely decked out.

                In WOW, Explorer Airholen has entered Draenor and leveled to 100. Currently working on maxing out his Garrison buildings and then moving on to completeling all of the stuff needed to get flying. After that I will work towards getting the best gear I can get for him and then move on to my Horde gal, Grodah. Once I get her to 60, I will boost her to 90. Or at least that is my plan.

                So that is it for now on an update. I need to consider how I am going to update these characters.  Until the next time, Enjoy!