Dahar Master Torc (STO)

Full Name:          Torc Ares Justinius                           Species:               Avalonian
Gender:               Male                                                      Career:                 KDF Science Officer
Rank(Grade):     Dahar Master (60)                           Command:          I.K.S. D’moth
Height:                 7’                                                            Weight:               300 lbs

                Torc is a scion of the mountain clan Torc. His clan has allied themselves with the Klingon Empire. Torc serves in the KDF to prove that his intellectual clan has more value that they appear at face value.

Research and Development Schools
Beams                  Level 12                Cannons              Level 0                  Engineering        Level 4
                Ground WeaponsLevel 15            Projectiles           Level 15                Science                 Level 15
                Shields                  Level 15

                Marauding          Rank 3                   Science                 Rank 2                   Engineering        Rank 3
                Military                 Rank 3                   Exploration         Rank 2                   Espionage           Rank 4
                Medical                Rank 3                   Colonial                Rank 2                   Trade                    Rank 2
                Development    Rank 4                   Recruitment       Rank 2

Standings with the Special Units:
                Task Force Omega                           Tier        V             Nukara Strikeforce          Tier        V
                New Romulus                                    Tier        V             Dyson Joint Command   Tier        V
                8472 Counter-Command              Tier        V             Delta Alliance                     Tier        V

Starfleet Academy Record:

                Tactical Systems:
                Starship Attack Patterns                                               0              Starship Energy Weapons                            6
                Starship Maneuvers                                       6              Starship Stealth                                                                6   
Starship Energy Weapon Specialization  6              Starship Weapons Training                          6              Starship Projectile Weapons                             6              Starship Targeting Systems                          6
Starship Threat Control                                 0              Starship Projectile Weapon Specializations 6

                Engineering Systems:
                Driver Coil                                                           9              Structural Integrity                                          6   
                Starship Electro-Plasma Systems               0              Starship Engine Performance                     6  
                Starship Armor Reinforcements                                6              Starship Batteries                                            0   
                Starship Subsystem Repair                          0              Starship Impulse Thrusters                          6  
                Starship Hull Plating                                        6              Starship Auxiliary Performance                  3  
                Starship Hull Repair                                         6              Starship Warp Core Efficiency                     6 
                Starship Warp Core Potential                      6              Starship Shield Performance                       6 
                Starship Weapon Performance                  6

                Science and Operations Systems:
                Starship Flow Capacities                                                0              Starship Power Insulators                            0   
                Starship Graviton Generators                     6              Starship Inertial Dampers                             0   
                Starship Countermeasure Systems          0              Starship Shield Emitters                                                6   
                Starship Shield Systems                                                6              Starship Particle Generators                       6
                Starship Sensors                                               6              Starship Subspace Decompiler                   0
                Tactical Officer Ground Skills:
                Medic                                   6                                              Physiology                          0                             
                Scientist                               6                                              Probability Logistics         0                                 
                Combat Armor                  6                                              Weapon Proficiency       6                                 
                PS Generator                     6                                              Threat Control                   0                                 
                Willpower                           6                                              Particle Physics                 0                                 

Biological Traits:
                Accurate                              Astrophysicist                    Conservation of Energy
                Efficient Captain               Elusive                                  Lucky
                Inelastic Collisions            Techie                                   Warp Theorist
Photonic Capacitor
Starship Traits

Space Reputation
                Advanced Targeting System                        Precision
                Enhanced Armor Penetration                     Auxillary Power Configuration – Offense

Ground Reputation
                Integrated Nanofibers                                   Indomitable
                Enhanced Personal Shields                          Medical Nanites

Active Reputation
                Quantum Singularity Manipulation           Bio-Molecular Shield Generator
                Medical Nanite Cloud                                     Refracting Tetryon Cascade

                Body:                    Solonae Marksman Environmental Suit VR
                Shields:                                Personal Energy Harness Shield Mk XI R
                Kit:                         Physicist Mk X R
                Weapons:           Protonic Polaron High Density Beam Rifle Mk XII [CrtD][CrtH] VR
                                                Shard Sword of Kahless [CrtH][CritD][Dmg]x2 E
                Devices:               Polytrinic Acid Horta R
                                                Solonae Tribble E
                                                Ophidian Cane E
                                                Shard of Possibilities E

                Name:  I.K.S D’moth                                      
                Class:    MatHa Raptor (T6)                                          
                Fore Weapons:                 Bio-Molecular Disruptor Beam Array Mk XII [CrtD][CrtH]VR
                                                                Bio-Molecular Disruptor Beam Array Mk XII [CrtD][CrtH] VR
                                                                Disruptor Beam Array Mk X C
                                                                Dual Bio-Molecular Disruptor Beam Bank Mk XII [Acc] R
                                                                Dual Bio-Molecular Disruptor Beam Bank Mk XII [CrtH] R
                Aft Weapons:                    Disruptor Beam Array Mk X [Acc] U
                                                                Disruptor Beam Array Mk X C
                Tactical Consoles:            Counter-Command Multi-Conduit Energy Relay Mk XII VR
                                                                Disruptor Induction Coil Mk XII U
                                                                Directed Energy Distribution Manifold Mk XI C
                                                                Auto Targeting Module Mk XII [+Dis] R
                                                                Auto Targeting Module Mk XII [+Ap] VR
                Science Consoles:           Hydrodynamics Compensator Mk XII VR
                                                                Shield Refrequencer Mk XII [+Emit] VR
                Engineering Consoles:  Enhanced Induction Coils E
                                                                Heavy Disruptor Spinal Cannons E
                                                                Repair Platform E
                Deflector:                           Counter-Command Deflector Array Mk XII VR
                Impulse Engines:             Counter-Command Hyper Impulse Engines Mk XII VR
                Warp Core:                         Counter-Command Hyper Injection Warp Core Mk XII VR
                Shields:                                                Counter-Command Covariant Shield Array Mk XII VR

Notable Crew Members:
                K’Gan                                    Klingon Tactical Officer                                 First Officer
                                He has been with Torc since he dueled for command on their first ship. Has been his First Officer ever since.

                Emm Daa Saa                     Android Engineering Officer                      Chief Engineer
                                She is relatively new to his command but has proven adept at combining alien technology with Klingon systems. Usually goes on the away missions lead by Torc.

                Nekur                                   Orion Science Officer                                    Chief Medical Officer
                                He is very knowledgeable about Avalonian physiology.

                No’Buq                                 Klingon Engineering Officer                       Chief of Operations
                                Keeps the ship supplied and outfitted with weapons for Torc’s missions. He is very efficient.

                Oamefruvuk                      Reman Science Officer                                  Chief Science Officer
                                He is an Obisek Rebel that felt it important to repay his debt from being rescued by joining Torc.

                Tran                                       Breen Tactical Officer                                    Chief of Security
                                He has been working with Torc ever since he captured him committing acts of violence against Deferi civilians. Tran did not agree with his commands decision to attack civilians and now cannot return home.

                Vurmo’Agar                       Jem’Hadar Tactical Officer                          Chief Tactical Officer
                                After returning the shapeshifter to the Dominion, several Jem’Hadar decided to stay in the Alpha and Beta quadrant and start new lives. He decided that working for Torc was the best course of action to repair his honor. He normally plays body guard when Torc goes planet side.

                Nelen Exil                           Voth Science Officer                                      Captain’s Away Team
                                Nelen Exil has joined Torc after defecting from the Voth. The Voth tried to kill him for advocating caution in exploring the Dyson Sphere.

                Amtar                                   Nausicaan Tactical Officer                           Captain’s Away Team
                                Amtar was picked up as a body guard for Torc.

                Korok                                    Klingon Tactical Intel Officer                      Captain’s Away Team
                                Korok is part of the team of Intel officers assigned to the ship when the way to the Delta Quadrant was opened. He serves as the personal military assessor for Torc.

                Xrevath                                                Gorn Engineering Intel Officer                  Captain’s Away Team
                                Also part of the Intel additions, he serves as a technological advisor to Torc.

                Kusango                               Orion Science Intel Officer                          Chief Intel Officer
                                Kusango serves as the head of the Intelligence operatives operating out Torc’s commd. She is very good at sifting through data and categorizing the minute details.

                Lhee’sin                               Kobali Engineering Command Officer   

                                Lhee’sin met Torc during his time on Kobali Prime during the Vuadwuaar Invasion. She is a new addition and has not found her place on the ship.

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