Fleet Admiral Grell (STO)

Full Name:          Grell Gemini Kevus                         Species:               Avalonian           

Gender:               Male                                                      Career:                 RRF Engineering Officer               

Rank(Grade):     Fleet Admiral(60)                             Command:          R.R.W. Almirante

Height:                 7’                                                            Weight:               310lbs  



                As a scion of the weaker Swamp Clans, Grell has chosen to leave his homeworld and explore the galaxy. This eventually took him to a Romulan colony world that set him on his path to becoming a highly decorated Romulan Republic fleet officer. Grell has seen firsthand the destruction that the Tal’Shiar created and has vowed to bring them down as a galactic power.


Research and Development Schools

Beams                                  Level 15                Cannons              Level 13                Engineering        Level 15

Ground Weapons            Level 15                Projectiles           Level 15                Science                 Level 15

Shields                                  Level 15



                Diplomatic           Rank 4                   Science                 Rank 4                   Engineering        Rank 4

                Military                 Rank 4                   Exploration         Rank 4                   Espionage           Rank 4

                Medical                                Rank 3                   Colonial                Rank 2                   Trade                    Rank 2

                Development    Rank 4                   Recruitment       Rank 2


Standings with the Special Units:

                Task Force Omega                           Tier V                    Nukara Strikeforce          Tier V

                New Romulus                                    Tier V                    Dyson Joint Command   Tier V

                8472 Counter-Command              Tier V                    Delta Alliance                     Tier V

                Iconian Resistance                           Tier 0


Starfleet Academy Record:


                Tactical Systems:

                Starship Attack Patterns                                               0              Starship Energy Weapons                                6

Starship Maneuvers                                       6              Starship Stealth                                                                    6

Starship Energy Weapon Specialization  6              Starship Weapons Training                              6

Starship Projectile Weapons                       6              Starship Targeting Systems                              6         

Starship Threat Control                                 0              Starship Projectile Weapon Specializations 6


                Engineering Systems:

                Driver Coil                                                           9              Structural Integrity                                              6

                Starship Electro-Plasma Systems               0              Starship Engine Performance                         6

                Starship Armor Reinforcements                                6              Starship Batteries                                                0

                Starship Subsystem Repair                          6              Starship Impulse Thrusters                              6

                Starship Hull Plating                                        6              Starship Auxiliary Performance                      0

                Starship Hull Repair                                         6              Starship Warp Core Efficiency                         6

                Starship Warp Core Potential                      6              Starship Shield Performance                           6

                Starship Weapon Performance                  6


                Science and Operations Systems:

                Starship Flow Capacities                                                0              Starship Power Insulators                                0

                Starship Graviton Generators                     6              Starship Inertial Dampers                                 0

                Starship Countermeasure Systems          0              Starship Shield Emitters                                                    6

                Starship Shield Systems                                                6              Starship Particle Generators                          0

                Starship Sensors                                               0              Starship Subspace Decompiler                       0


                Tactical Officer Ground Skills:

                Demolitions                                                        6              PS Generator                                                         6             

                Generators                                                         6              Turrets and Drones                                             6             

                Combat Armor                                                  6              Weapon Proficiency                                           6

                Repairs                                                                 0              Threat Control                                                       0

                Willpower                                                           6              Modification Specialist                                       4


Biological Traits:

                Avalonians are tall and thin race typically, of apparent reptilian descent. There is also a decent chance that any particular Avalonian has psionic abilities to some degree.

                Members of the Swamp Class have green scaly skin with darker green spots.

                Grell’s known traits are:

                Accurate              Astrophysicist                    Beam Barrage                    Efficient Captain

                Elusive                  Give Your All                      Living Hull                            Techie

                Warp Theorist   Grace Under Fire            


Starship Traits

                Tactical Retreat                                                 Warp Shadow Decoy

                Predictive Algorithms


Space Reputation

                Advanced Targeting Systems                      Precision

                Enhanced Armor Penetration                     Auxiliary Power Configuration – Offence


Ground Reputation

                Indomitable                                                       Omega Weapon Proficiency

                Medical Nanites                                               Emergency Fix


Active Reputation

                Quantum Singularity Manipulation           Bio-Molecular Shield Generator

                Medical Nanite Cloud                                     Refracting Tetryon Cascade


Other Traits




                Command Officer            0                              Intelligence Officer         19 (P)   

                Commando                        0                              Pilot                                       0(S)



                Body:                    Romulan Imperial Navy Combat Armor Mk XII VR

                Shields:                                Phase-Shifted Personal Shield Mk X [Cap][Reg] VR

                Kit:                         Counter-Command Engineering Kit Mk XI [Will]x3 [Undine] VR

                Modules:            Seeker Drone Mk IX R

                                                Medical Generator Mk XI VR

                                                Subspace Rift R

                                                Shield Recharge Mk IX R

                                                Fuse Armor Mk IX R                       

                Weapons:           Protonic Polaron Dual Pistols Mk XII [CrtD]x2 VR

                                                Worn Tsunkatse Falchion Mk VIII C

                Devices:               Nukara Tribble E

                                                Frequency Remodulator C

                                                Ophidian Cane E

                                                Shard of Possibilities E



                Name:  R.R.W. Almirante                            

                Class:    Kobali Samsar Cruiser                                    

                Fore Weapons:                 Polaron Beam Array Mk X C

                                                                Dual Polaron Beam Bank Mk X C

                                                                Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk X C

                                                                Polaron Beam Array Mk X C

                Aft Weapons:                    Polaron Beam Array Mk X C

                                                                Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk X C

                                                                Polaron Beam Array Mk X C

                                                                Polaron Beam Array Mk X C

                Tactical Consoles:           

                Science Consoles:          

                Engineering Consoles:  Regenerative Integrity Field E

                Deflector:                           Deflector Array Mk X C

                Impulse Engines:             Impulse Engines Mk X C

                Warp Core:                         Kobali Field Stabilizing Warp Core Mk XII VR

                Shields:                                                Shield Array Mk X C


Notable Crew Members:

                Tovan Khev                        Romulan Tactical Officer                               First Officer

                                Khev became friends with Grell when they lived at the same Romulan colony, the one that was attacked by the Tal’Shiar and the Elachi. Khev has been serving with Grell ever since as his First Officer. With Grell’s help, he has rescued his lost sister. Khev continues to support and defend Grell’s right at being a Republic ship’s captain.


                Gorat’Zuma                        Jem’Hadar Tactical Officer                            Chief of Security

                                Gorat’Zuma joined with Grell after the battle at DS9 with the missing Dominion Fleet. Grell has made in charge of Security matters and usually takes him on away missions with him.


                Sioyalg                                  Android Engineering Officer                        Chief Engineer

                                Sioyalg was assigned by Starfleet to be a Liaison to the Grell, as he is an up and coming Admiral of some note. Recently, Grell has had some personnel changes and has given Sioyalg as his Chief Engineer too. She is usually on any away missions with Grell too.


                Xarinas                                 Reman Science Officer                                  Chief Science Officer

                                Xarinas is an Republican Loyal Reman that joined the Romulan Republic military. He was assigned to Grell command and has been given the posting of Chief Science officer. Grell respects his analytical mind and usually takes him on away missions.


                Nen                                       Breen Tactical Officer                                     Captain’s Away Team

                                Nen is a rebel Breen that was rescued by Grell. He has sworn allegiance to Grell. Grell has not placed him any sensitive position so as to allow him to leave if so chooses.


                Tanel                                     Romulan Tactical Officer                               Chief Tactical Officer

                                Tanel is a decorated officer of Romulan descent. He was assigned to Grell and only recently been promoted to Chief Tactical Officer. Tanel seems to be doing well in this position against the Undine threat.


                Rinzon                                  Reman Science Officer                                  Chief Medical Officer

                                Rinzon is a rebel Reman that has joined with Grell after he rescued him any many others from Tal’Shiar forces. Rinzon has also recent taken over as the Chief Medical Officer for Grell’s flag.


                Dopis Berinkla                   Betazoid Engineering Officer                      Starfleet Liaison Officer

                                Berinkla was requisitioned by Grell to fill the Chief of Operations spot when D’vex retired from service. He is still new at the job and learning how Romulans do things. He has now been replaced by Sh’lis of Kobali Prime.



                Four of Seven                    Liberated Borg Romulan Intel Science Officer      Chief Intel Officer

                                Four was assigned to Grell’s crew as part of the ongoing Delta Quadrant efforts. Grell assigned her to be Lead Intel officer.


                Leh                                         Romulan Intel Engineering Officer            Captain’s Away Team

                                Leh was assigned to Grell’s crew as part of the Delta Quadrant efforts. She has been assigned as part of Grell’s personal Away Team.


                Nelen Exil                            Voth Science Officer                                       Captain’s Away Team

                                Nelen Exil defected from the Voth with Grell’s help. He has since worked on Grell’s crew as an effect science officer. Nelen is part of Grell’s personal Away Team.


                Nevro                                   Hierarchy Intel Science Officer                   Delta Alliance Liaison

                                Nevro was assigned to Grell as part of the officer exchange program for the Delta Alliance. Nevro is not trusted and has not been assigned any position of authority. Nevro helps out in the medical bay.


                Sh’lis                                      Kobali Command Engineering Officer      Chief of Operations

                                Sh’lis met Grell during the Harry Kim incident on Kobali prime. She requested to be assigned to his ship because she owed a debt to him. She has been given charge of the Operations Division. This has allowed Dopis to focus on his Federation Liaison duties.


                Zdut                                       Reman Intel Tactical Officer                         Captain’s Away Team

                                Zdut has been assigned to Grell’s ship. He has taken a position on the Fleet Admiral’s Personal Away Team.

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