Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Character Update

        STO Characters all did the Academy Event this past weekend. They each got the special DOff. Then Vice Admiral Zombee, Vice Admiral Grell, and Captain Torc all did the scanning events to collect the particles to get the purple DOff's.

        Captain Torc is now level 30 and picked up his Android BOff. I let my eldest daughter design this BOff's appearance and called it Emm Daa Saa, and Engineering Bridge Officer. Off to Nimbus now. With the double XP, I am going to Get Torc Leveled fast and then work on the left over missions on all of the current maxed out characters. If I get all of that done before April 22, then I will start on my second Rom Republic character.

    So that's what I have done so far. Off to the next week and you all Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
      Once again tried to get gear from Ordos and The Celestials. Once again I got only gold. And this really is why I am losing desire to play WOW. No control over my own gearing and destiny in the game. I am totally at the whim of some random number generator. This isn't fun. This isn't even interesting. It is only frustrating and disheartening. Take RNG out of Gearing is the only way to solve this. But they cling to this antiquated system for reason that defy any logic that I can see.

Dreadwind of the Nightfall
      Decided to try and get him leveled up. By Airholen's situation has me so disenfranchised with the game that I just couldn't stay on task. So I quit playing him after only an hour. Still not 88 yet.

Vice Admiral Zombee, Vice Admiral Danic, Vice Admiral Grell, and Lieutenant General Sisteric
      Did the last of the Founders Day and Mirror Events. No new events till next weekend. So I am parking them till Season 9 releases and puts in the new Reputation System.

Commander Torc
       Torc had made it to level 21. He is a Commander now. My BOff's positions are all filled out and DOff's are doing work as I continue through the story line with him. Most of his BOff's are actually Klingon's, with one Nausicaan and one Gorn. The First Officer is a purple guy, so now my efforts are to get more purples and replace first the green's and then the blues.
       The Klingon Story Arc that they created for starting Klingons was very fun and embroils you in Klingon Politics and traditions. It gives you a grounding in Klingon Culture basics and connects you to why you are working for the empire. They did a very good job on this, as I have seen so far.

    SO that's my character activities for the week. I hope you all had fun too. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fantasy News and Views

World of Warcraft
                A lot of things have been released about Warlords of Draenor. I am going to touch upon the things that I think are interesting.
                Crowd Control
Silence will get removed from any ability that also interrupts. Silence will still exist as a separate ability. So now, you either silence a target or interrupt a target. Not both.  This change is only good for PVP. But for PVE this will cause more anger as soloing will get incredibly harder since you can’t stop and turn off a fight mechanic for any period time. The uphill fight for some classes this creates is so great that it may make some classes unable to solo some content at all. Keeping mages from casting spells is a mainstay for non-spellcasters and non-healers to solo content.
No more Disarms. All of them are gone. It is the titular ability that I use on my rogue and the one ability that I center a lot of my playstyle with. Disarming was a very fun mechanic to me, and the reason why I used it so much. With it gone, I feel that Asmodea my see less game time overall. And I wonder what they are going to give rogues to replace the loss of that ability.
DR Catagories
Reducing the number of Diminishing Return groups. Grouping will be Roots, Stuns, and Incapacitate (which includes Horror). Charges that create roots are not part of the DR. This will clean up the DR groups and make PVP that much harder. It really doesn't have that big of impact on PVE and shouldn't really effect solo play.
Cast Times
The removed all ways to make CC’s instants with cooldowns. This is very bad plan for Soloist. This means that unless you have a pet, you will probably never get your CC’s off. Cast times for solo play will hamper their ability to manage encounters and successfully get through content. Casting times with groups is alright as there is always someone out there that can take the agro off of you so that you can get the spell off. And for PVP this will balance the playing field greatly. Good teams will know how to interrupt their opponent while also protecting their casters. And bad teams will get pounded that much faster till they work it out. The tactics changes and new depth to planning this does should make PVPers very happy.
CC Spell Pruning
Many CC spells will be removed. The rest will have increased cooldowns and increased restrictions on others. This is just vague enough to keep me from being sure what to think. SO I will have to wait and see what is exactly done. Pets CC will be limited, if not outright removed. This sucks for those classes (Hunters) that rely upon those pets to be a viable class. Making a primary ability that is relied upon to go away without any way to overcome it will so totally destroy Soloing as a hunter that people will wonder why they even have pets as a hunter. And, I think, this will reduce the useful toolkit that Hunters can bring to the game that they not be brought along at all. And my main is a Hunter, so this can be a long term problem for me. I am really scared about my ability to Solo play with the Airholen in WoD now. Other changes will include Cyclone being dispellable and fears being shorter in PVP. Also, PVP trinkets will protect from reapplication of effects from persistent abilities. All of these changes are good changes, especially the PVP ones.

Heroes of the Storm
                I received an Alpha technical access to this game. Having tried League of Legends for free one time, I wouldn't consider myself a knowledgeable person on this subject. But so far, it has been fun. I could see myself playing this when I want to do something different than WoW. Hopefully, I will get some more time into it and try out the other characters but I have only been playing the Demon Hunter Vala. I like her style of play.

                So that is the news for now for Fantasy based things. I will be back with more news in the future, but for now, Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Character Updates

         I am sorry folks but I did not play any WOW this past week. I have only had eyes for STO and the special event that has been going there. All of my characters have completed the 14 turn ins to get the big reward for the special Mirror event and now just trying to get all of the bonus marks and dilithium from the event. Upcoming is the special event centering on Founder's Day for the Federation. More on that later. I have also started on a new character in STO, Lieutenant Torc is level 5 right now. He is an Alien (Avalonian) in the KDF and part of the science branch. This is the first KDF guy I have made since they revamped the starting levels for KDF characters. After this guy is leveled I suspect I will do a Romulan Republic Tactical Officer and then come back to my Final Federation character then. We will see how it goes.
         I am looking to carve out some time to write up my thoughts on the data released for the coming expansions for the games that I do play, so we will see. But to you all, Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
     Ran Ordos and Celestials. Got only gold. This is getting boring....

Brewmaster Asmodea
      Ran Ordos, Celestials and WIng 1 of SoO. Got only gold. This is boring too.

Vice Admiral Zombee, Vice Admiral Danic, Vice Admiral Grell and Lieutenant General Sisteric
      There is announced change coming to reps. Due to this change, I have just been running the Mirror Event on all four guys and building up marks. Once Season 9 drops, I will be raising all of the reps again on the characters. But this will most likely mean I will work on all of the last three characters. Once they are done I will make a new Alien KDF Science officer and start leveling him.

That's all for this week. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
     Ran Ordos and Celestials. Picked up some gear, but the chest piece was the only useful piece. Gemmed and enchanted it out and reforged it.

Vice Admiral Zombee, Lieutenant General Sisteric, and Vice Admiral Grell
     STO has a new event going on that requires each character to log in 14 times over 21 days to get a large reward. The Mirror Universe event is taking each of these out on one run each each night. 5 days have been completed so far. At the end of each run you get your choice of faction marks too. SO I have been picking up the marks that I have the least for each guy, except for Zombee. Zombee is only collecting Romulan marks because I have all of the reps, and the Romulan rep is where the gear he wants is located. SO I have to collect a lot of marks for that rep.

Vice Admiral Danic
      Also been doing the Mirror event but towards getting the rep grinds done. But as it stands, Nukara has reached Tier IV and the rest are at Tier III. I also have to run a Voth mission to get the Dyson COmmendation so that I can continue to level the Dyson Reps.

Didn't do a whole lot with characters this week. Tune in next time for what I will talk about next, Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
     Ran Ordos and Celestials and saw only gold.

Brewmaster Asmodea
     Ran Ordos, Celestials, Wing 1 and Wing 3 of SoO and got gold and my BIS Weapon from Spoils of Pandaria in the third wing! I don't have to run that that any more. Gem'd and decked out that weapon and it's all maxed out. Also completed some more of the Tiller Rep grind.

Ambassador Strayleaf
     Ran Ordos and Celestials. Got the BIS Healing belt! Maxed it all out. Tried to run dungeons but got booted out. Did some of the Tiller Rep. Tried to level Inscription too.

Dreadwind of the Nightfall
      Got to level 87! Did some herbalism training and but I need to build up some mats to start leveling inscription.

Vice Admiral Zombee
      Quickly found out that making the stuff for rep grinding is NOT effective at all. The amount of resources needed to make those things just became to prohibative to do. So now he is parked till the next event comes.

Vice Admiral Danic
     Rep grind in progress. At Tier II for New Romulan and Dyson Joint Command and Tier III for Nukara and Omega reps. Hopefully by the end of next month I will have everything at Tier V and be able to move on to either Grell or Sisteric.

That's all of the guys I had time for. I hoped you liked the progress and read on to the next post. Enjoy!