Monday, November 17, 2014

Character Update

                Hi All! Once again found some time to write. I have a lot to cover so I hope you guys stick it through.

Star Trek Online (STO) Characters
                So I have been running the queued events a lot. The new Borg queued event is interesting on normal and not completely impossible. Though I haven’t had a run yet in which we killed all three of the final bosses in within the time limit. Best I have done has gotten two down. Still it’s a decent amount of marks, though not much Dilithium. Cryptic though figured out from watching all of this that their award structure wasn’t good and upped them.
                They also brought in the Mirror Invasion Event for three weeks. Collect 14 Multi-Dimensional Transporters and you get a big payout of 50,000 Dilithium, 500 Fleet Marks, 250 Marks of your choice and Zefram Cochrane’s Shotgun. Since this is a three week event I hope that I can do this on all of my characters. But as it stands it looks like my main three will get this done and the rest will get real close. After you get the 14 turned it, you can turn the Multi-Dimensional Transporters one at a time for 2000 Dilithium, 50 Fleet Marks and 35 Marks of any type.
                They also had a Junior Officer Weekend event. This is an event in which you go to the Fed of KDF Academies and train cadets. DO the training long enough and you can get a purple Duty Officer (DOFF) out of it. You also get a unique DOFF from the event for just showing up. That just ended this past weekend.
                So that has been the changes of note to the game…now for the Individual efforts.

Admiral Zombee
                So running the queued events is slower advancement. But I have gotten to level 58 now. Beams are still level 15. And I have gotten the ship and gear situation worked out to know what I need to do get him and his ship geared properly. He is flying the Phantom Intel Escort, USS Flinkenger. I have done pretty well with him. But like all escorts, her hull is weak. So I have to do a lot of engineering hull heal powers to keep me going. I am 8 out 14 for the big bonus at this time. I almost have all of the Nukara Space sets built and have started on the ground gear.

Vice Admiral Grell
                I have been running the Mirror Invasion only. I have reached level 53. I am flying the Aelahl Class Light Warbird Battlecruiser, the RRW Itaeru. He has collected 8 of the Multi-Dimensional Transporters so far. The lacks a little fire power because I still have Rare Mark XII gear on this along with the Very Rare Mark XII. But she is slowing getting better gear. Besides doing the Doffing missions and leveling the R&D branches, I do nothing else with him.

Lieutenant General Torc
                Also has only run the Mirror Invasion Event. He has reached level 52. He is flying an upgraded Varanus Class Support Vessel, the old IKS Roturrom. With low number of weapons this old girl has, she isn’t a DPS monster, but what she does do is weather damage very well and closes rifts extremely fast. She has can do some shield healing to others on occasion. This ship does still have some Uncommon Mark XI gear so upgrading this stuff will be of importance, but not till Zombee has done it first. I also have done Doffing and R&D missions.

Vice Admiral Daniel
                Only occasionally run the Mirror Invasion Event. He has reached level 51. I also got him flying the Eclipse Intel Cruiser, the USS Cambrian. With weapons ranging from Mark VII to Mark XI and Consoles ranging from Mark II to Mark XI, this ship is really not in the best setup yet. But she seems good enough to get through the Mirror Event in a good enough manner. She is tough as she is now and very easy to turn. And I can get the stations defenses up very quickly with her. Just need more time to get the gear up to snuff.

Vice Admiral Danic
                Making Mirror Invasion Event runs only. He is also level 51. He also is flying the Scryer Class Intel Science Vessel, the USS Scryer. With mostly Very Rare Mark XII gear, she is a very capable little ship and very durable. It will be interesting to ship how well this ship does in the storyline missions.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
                He is running Mirror Invasion Event only. He has made it level 51. He also is flying the Qib Class Intel Battlecruiser, IKS Aremtha. She mostly has Very Rare Mark XII gear on this beast. She is very maneuverable and tough. Pretty good ship so far.

Lieutenant General Kan
                He is level 51 from running the Mirror Invasion Event so far. He now is flying the Mat’Ha Class Raptor, IKS Hangraw. With most of his gearing be common or uncommon and as low as Mark IV, this ship is still very respectable and hardly ever blows up. I think once I get to this guy and get his ship up to snuff that He will be very formidable.

Vice Admiral Zemo
                I haven’t run him much in the Mirror Invasion Event. He still is only Level 50. But he did get his new ship, a Faeht Class Intel Warbird called RRW Ludelvius. She is a fun ship but with Mark IV gear and up on her she is not quite good as a DPSer yet. But she has been effective in supporting other ships killing things so that’s what I do with her so I follow one other player and help kill his targets.

World of Warcraft and other MMO’s got put on the back burner for many reasons. Chief among them is time and cost. With my work schedule being scaled back my money situation is getting tighter, so things like WoW get cancelled for now. Once my income rises back up, WoW will be fired back up. Until then, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter and Champions Online will be my MMO’s with STO being the primary game to be played.

                So that is it for now. I hope this is informative for now and hopefully I will be able to do more in the future, and more often. Until then, Enjoy!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Character Update

                Hello everyone. I have been very busy. Between work and family I haven’t had much time to write. But I finally found some time and so here is the report.

Star Trek Online (STO) Characters
                So over the past month, The XP Boost Event ended, Delta Rising was released and the Bonus Lobi and Dilithium Weekend has happened. Once the XP Boost ended I went back to my main Fed character Vice Admiral Zombee and focused on leveling him to 60. Once he is done then Torc will be leveled and then Grell. I will also continue to get all of the Rep gear and try upgrading Zombee’s  space and ground gear. But the amount of Dilithium needed to do this is massive and will greatly delay things.
                The new changes to STO have added a new difficulty structure to queued events. But this difficulty increase is really just a buff to the hp of the NPC’s. This means for most casual players, you will not be effective or generally successful on the content at the lowest difficulty setting. It takes me hours just to complete one mission in the story content because of this buff. And this on a ship that has been upgraded and with the gear that used to make it Elite queue runs take only 15 minutes.  This is a step in the wrong direction.
                And then they shut down one sector of Space because people found a way to efficiently get skill points in a short period of time. Those people that were found using this exploit had their skill points and specialization points taken from them. If you’re going to make the game an incredibly boring grind to get anywhere, expect people to find any means to shorten the grind.
                With all of these changes, I have relegated my time to just running the queued events just to level. And will go back to the story content once I am maxed level and can really effectively fight.  At least with Zombee. I have a feeling that my Eng and Sci Officers will find it easier to play the content than my Tactical Officers. I will know more once I get Zombee leveled and get ready to move on to Torc, a Sci KDF officer.
                I also won the Delta Rising Operations Pack on one of the livestreams. So I have opened and added the appropriate ships, gear, duty officers and bridge officers to people as I play them.

Admiral Zombee
                I have been leveling this character towards 60. I have made it to level 57 as of this writing.  He also gained 3 Intel Bridge officers and one new ship. Also I got to upgrade three ships for free. I can upgrade another ship using a token but I have not done so. But my new best ship for my fed tact is the intel escort ship that I got from the pack. I also have gotten to level 15 with Beams crafting and now working on other crafting paths to get them to 20. Not going to craft anything till I get everything to 20 on 3 paths. Then I will look into crafting. Until then, I am going to work on upgrading on main ships gear to Tier 14 and Legendary Quality. One of these days I am going to back through all of his gear and Bridge Officers and update his info page so that everyone will know exactly where I am at.

Vice Admiral Daniel
                Got him maxed out in level before Delta Rising was released and moved on to my next guy. He is currently parked.

Lieutenant General Kan
                He is my new KDF guy. He is a Liberated Borg Klingon Tactical Officer. And I got him to max level before Delta Rising was released. He is now parked till it’s his turn to run the new leveling content.

World of Warcraft (WoW) Characters
                So the next expansion came out. I logged on to see these changes and got so busy cleaning up the guild bank that I have not even played my guys. At some point I am going to have to do that. Otherwise, the new bag space features are great. And the character models look nice. But I haven’t had the time to do more than look around.

Airholen the Explorer
                Logged on and starting doing maintenance on the guild bank with the new changes.

Champions Online (CO) Characters
                So cryptic did a live stream of CO. As I was watching it, I got the itch to play and so loaded up Blue Adept and took off to try and have some fun. And at first, it sucked like normal. Try to do low level content (Level 15) with a level 21 character means you face level 21 guys to fight. This type of designing hurts solo play greatly. But I tried doing their version of dungeons called Alerts. And this actually was fun and allowed me to actually level the guy. I got him to 23. Blue Adept is a magic based healer so I am not very effective in combat but great at keeping others alive. But once I get this guy to max level I am going to make a more combat oriented guy.

Blue Adept
                I leveled him to 23. The Alerts give bonuses to xp, resources and other rewards so I try and rotate through them to get all of the buffs up. They made some other changes to the game which will require me to look into how that affects me.

Pocket Legends (PL) Characters
                I have been playing this game off and on for year now. And I just recently got back into it. It’s an iPhone MMORPG set in a fantasy world of Anthropomorphic Animals as the characters. Race determines class. In my case I went with a range combat type guy.
                This game auto loads you into a dungeon and then has people try and do the same content it auto joins people with you. This keeps the game fast moving and you see lots of other players all the time. And you can solo the content if you play it right. But it’s always better with others present. And the loot is shared. So no ninjaing occurs. It’s fun this way.

                 He is an Avian Ranger, with Bird-like powers and a bow. I have him up to level 15 now.  I just like doing the missions. They are light hearted fun. And I don’t feel pressured to get better gear. Just to play smart.

                That’s all of the MMO’s that I have played over the past week. I hope something here perked your interest. I had fun figuring out what just to say here. I have rants building up in me about the state of STO and WoW, so I may just have to take the time to do my rant post soon.  Until that time, Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Character Update

Star Trek Online (STO) Characters
                Welcome to the new format for these reports. As I expand my play time to other games again, this will make it easier for me and you to read the activities based on the game I was playing at the time. This will include a general paragraph that will be about any plans being applied to these characters as a whole and the timing of any in game events. Hopefully it will eventually contain some news about future writing projects that will be posted based on that game.
                As for STO, the R&D Weekend has ended. All the characters were used to run various crafting projects. And the first Upgrade Weekend ended and so every one of the characters got the freebie pack. Next weekend will be the second Upgrade Weekend. So expect all of the guys to run out and get the freebie pack. Otherwise, I haven’t had time to actually record the specifics on each character for the side bar so I need to sit down and do that, but after the Delta Rising goes live at this point.

Vice Admiral Zombee
                Beam School is 15. I also have 3 new schools leveling. And the Plasma Thrower has been bought and placed on Commander Lameran. He is now working on the Deflector and Shield for the Nukara Strikeforce Space Set. This will be placed on USS Warrick. I have not upgraded any of my gear yet. It requires too much in Dilithium for me to be able to get all the rep gear and upgrade. So I remain focused on getting the rep gear. Once that has been achieved, I will then turn my eye to dil farming and upgrading.

Captain Daniel
                Now rank 32. Also started on R&D projects, and flying a cruiser. I am still focused on just leveling this guy quickly so that I can go on to the Tactical KDF and then a Romulan Republic Science Officer.

Vice Admiral’s Danic, Zemo and Grell, and Lieutenant General’s Sisteric and Torc
                These guys did the R&D projects to level several schools during the R&D Weekend. Now I just park them. They will see activity once all of planned characters get created and leveled.

                I didn’t get into any other games at this time. SO I hope this was informative and you did Enjoy it.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Character Update

Vice Admiral Zombee
         Beam School is now Level 14. USS Schafer now has the Romulan Prototype Space Set completed. Now working on getting the Romulan Plasma based flame thrower weapon. After that it will be to work on the USS Warrick, a Defiant Class Tactical Escort, is next up to get the Nukara Strikeforce Space Set.
         The Bonus Skill Points Event has started. And Zombee gets nothing from it. But they have also started the Upgrade Weekends and so I am going and collecting the free upgrade modules and going to try and upgrade the gear on First Vice Admiral Zombee and the USS Sorrick.

Vice Admiral Danic, Lieutenant General Sisteric, Lieutenant General Torc and Vice Admiral Grell
            These guys have been parked while I work on other projects.

Vice Admiral Zemo
            Zemo has made it to level 50. And now he is parked while I try to level the next Character while the leveling event is going. This will be the trend till I have all of the characters leveled that I want leveled or the event is over. Whichever comes first.

Lieutenant Commander Daniel
             The current new guy being leveled. He is a Human Federation Engineer. He will specialize in the Cruiser style of ships. This will be the first Fed character I have that went through the New Federation Tutorial missions. And the first Fed guy with the freebie purple officer Flores. I has have been making a point of taking the purple BOff's that Zombee has and transferring them to Daniel so that he will just have purple BOff's from the start and never get rid of characters or wast any points. So far it is going well. I will get into this guy more in the next Update Blog, But for now, he is being focused on leveling. Once the event is over I will go back through the max level guys and finish up their story missions so that all are done and then work on getting their reps.

    SO that's what has happened. I hope this was informative, and Enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Delta Rising Soon

                So I am going to try and cover some of the changes coming to Star Trek Online and what they mean to me and my characters. This is work of my opinions and what facts that have been presented on the forums and whatever interviews I have been able to hear. Do not take this as the gospel of what’s coming. I have no special insight into this expansion. With that said, on to the show!

                Announced Features
                                So I wanted to start off with listing what they announced was coming with Delta Rising.
1.       New Level Cap to 60. Gaining the ranks of Admiral (55) and Fleet Admiral (60).
2.       New Tier 6 ships
3.       New Advancement Specialization Tree starting at Level 51.
4.       Tier 5 ships can play all of the content.
5.       Some of the Tier 5 ships will be upgradable to be comparable to Tier 6, but not the same.
6.       Old ships will get some updating.
7.       Ship upgrades will not be connected to crafting.
8.       Tier XIII and Tier XIV gear will be added.
9.       Raising the Level cap will allow them to rebalance content to combat power creep.
10.   Content will be released in stages throughout the year.
So that was what was announced as features for Delta Rising at Star Trek Las Vegas 2014.

                Level Cap Information and Thoughts
                                So getting to Fleet Admiral does not mean we will command fleets in space. It does mean that we will get to hear leveling congratulations. It also means that we will no longer have our skill points converted to Expertise Points. Currently, we get this buff to expertise points which allow us to pay for bridge crew skills, bridge crew promotions, reputation missions and duty officers missions. Being aware of this change, Cryptic has stated that they will up the expertise rewards to be on par with current level 50 gains.
                                Meanwhile, skill points will not be used to up our skills. Instead, at each leveling point you will get a specialization point which you can apply to the new specialization trees. No data has been released on what these trees contain, but what is known that this provides the leveling experience of improvement without the character actually having to level beyond 60. And that this will be expanded so that no one will be able to max out the specialization tree. I don’t think that this is reasonable to assume, but could be possible if you can do more than one specialization tree.
                                At certain levels, your character will gain things. 51 will get you a small pack of Duty Officers as a reward. 52 will upgrade you Fleet Support ability to Rank III.  At 54 your Class Ground Ability will be upped to Rank III.  55 will give you a new Bridge Officer.  57 will upgrade your class space ability to Rank III. And 60 will expand your Captain Trait slot by one. All I can say about these additions is that I hope they give people more Doff and BOff space because most people will have maxed out their current cap on both groups. I hope the new BOff will be a purple Intel Officer; otherwise it will get sold off or dropped immediately.

                Tier 6 Ships
                                Tier 6 Ship will be the next Level cap on ships. They also will come in Normal and Intel variations. Intel variations will be geared towards Intelligence gathering and scouting efforts. Normal ships will be more as next generation ships.
                                Also, these ships will come with a new ship mechanic of Ship Mastery. This is a system where you gain passive abilities that increase your abilities with that class of ship. At Tier V Mastery you will get a Passive Spaceship Trait which you will be able to slot into your New Four Starship Trait Slots. The first four traits are passive buffs for that ship class only. The tier 5 trait will be available to you on any ship at any tier. Each ship class has its own Tier 5 ability to gain.
Tier 6 ships will also get increases in Hull and Shield strength as you level from 50 to 60. It also should end at a higher amount that is greater than Tier 5. So these ships will be tougher than Tier 5 eventually.
                Tier 6 ships will also have Intel Hybrid seats for BOff’s. This will allow those positions to either use Class or Intel powers, depending on the training you put into the BOff.

                New Level Advancement System for Levels after 51
                                There have not been many details released on this subject yet. What we do know is that is Specialization Trees. These Trees will be something you get passive buffs from. As you level, your Skill Points will collect and you will get Specialization Points at certain breakpoints. Initially these breakpoints will be the same at when you get a level, but once you are max level it will continue to give you specialization points at break points beyond your level. These Trees will be expandable, and maxing out the Tree will take time. And they plan to extend these trees in future expansion. Hopefully before many people have maxed the tree.
                                What we don’t know is what the Trees are, how many there are, how many powers are in a tree, or even if you can put points in more than one tree at a time. Hopefully those details will come soon.

                Tier 5 ships can play all content
                                They say that the new content you will be able to play with your current Tier 5 ships. The content that is being created you should be able to do without needing to upgrade your ships or use Tier 6 ships. At least the story content and the Normal Queue events will be doable. Playing at Advance and Elite will require better gear and probably better ships.

                Some Tier 5 ships will be upgradable to be comparable to Tier 6
                                So upgrading a Tier 5 ship will give it 10% more Hull and Shields and one more Console. They also will be able to do the Ship mastery till Tier IV. They will not have Tier V Mastery skills. Certain ships will get free upgrades and certain ships will not get to upgrade at all. This upgrade will make these ships only less power in the fact of not having that extra bridge slot. I don’t see this as a bad thing and actually delivers on their promise of them being comparable.

                Some Old Ships will get updating
                                The models for some ships, like the Intrepid Class, will get its visuals updated. These updates will make things look better on our higher resolution screens that people have and bring the beauty back to these ships. Not all of the ships getting the updates have been announced.

                Ship Upgrading will not be connected to Crafting
                                The ships will need to get ship upgrade tokens or spend dilithium to upgrade it. It will be a button to click on the Ship Interface, my understanding, and you will only need to unlock it once per account. So if you have multiple toons, then every ship of the same class will be upgradable for free after the first one across all of your toons.

                Tier XII and Tier XIV gear will be added to the game
                                But how we get this gear has not been released. At least outside of a new feature that they are adding that allow players to upgrade their gear in Tier and Quality, maxing out the Tier to XIV and Quality to Gold (Legendary). This upgrading will apply to almost all gear in space and ground gear. You will be able to upgrade the gear without crafting. And you can get these tradable upgrade resources. The upgrade resources add a certain amount of Research Points to the unit. Once the Research point’s set point is reach you will level the Tier. As you collect the points, you will get a percentage change to level the Tier and or the quality every time you add more research points. The percentage chance is retained and built upon until that particular category is advanced. At that time it is reset to Zero. This in fact means you can buy a Tier I white item and level it up to Tier XIV Gold item. It only takes some dilithium to level it.

                Level Cap will combat power creep
                                This is true in the fact that all of the content will be redesigned to Tier 6 gear and Tier 14 gear for Elite content to be challenging. And the lower difficulties will turned down from that so that Normal will be challenging for Tier 5. This is probably the Best Quality of Life change they could do to the game. With current content being destroyed by Solo Players in less than 5 minutes, I think that this is going to be the best thing that STO could have done to it.

Well that is what I have for now on this subject. Tune in next time to for the next Character Update installment. Until then, Enjoy!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Character Updates......

Vice Admiral Zombee
      So I have been working on this character quit a bit. Beams School is now Level 13. USS Pamela K is completed as far sets are concerned. But still need to gather Purple Mark XII gear. In Fact, only the USS Sorrick is fully decked in purples. USS Fry, a Defiant class Tactical Escort Refit, is now decked out in Reman Prototype Space set and Romulan Singularity Harness Space Set. And now I am working on getting the USS Schaeffer, a Chimera Heavy Destroyer, the Romulan Singularity Harness Set. She already has the Romulan Prototype Space Set.
      I also came to a decision about BOff's. I decided that I am going to have dedicated Away team BOff's. And to that end, I have bought and started upgrading some new officers. The Standard Away Team composition for me will be the Captain, 2 Tactical Officers, One Engineer and One Science Officer. For Zombee, that means That we have Commander Dricdod, Commander Syilijia, Commander Nelen Exil and Commander Poyol Uyman as his personal Away Team crew.
     Zombee is currently decked completely out in Counter-Command Ground set.
     Nelen Exil is his Voth Science Officer and geared out in Dyson Sphere Ground Gear. Nelen is Male.
     Commander Syilijia is one of his Tactical Officers. She is Rigelian and plans are to deck her out in Omega Force Gear.
     Commander Dricdod is an newly acquired male Ferengi Tactical Officer. He will be decked out in Shattering Harmonics Ground Gear. Dricdod is still very business oriented, but is very efficient at his security duties. As an Away Team member he will be used to do more of the melee stuff and, for story purposes, will be the guy that will observe the goods and resources for use on the ship.
     Commander Poyol Uyman rounds out the crew. He is a Bajoran Engineering Officer. He will be decked out in Refractive Bulwark ground gear. He is a very jumpy guy and very quiet about his past.
      As for events. Completed the Crystalline Entity during the Bonus Marks events. Which netted me some extra Nukara Marks. I also ran the Shuttle event at least once each day to stock up in Romulan Marks. Now with no events occurring for a few days, I will be Running this guy for Rom Marks and then moving on to Nukara Marks.

Vice Admiral Danic
      Danic has been only running the missions to collect Marks during the Crystalline Entity event and during the Shuttle Event. Otherwise, he remains parked waiting for Zombee to complete his set gearing. I haven't worked on the Away Team concept for him either. But a quick glance lets me know that I have to many Science Officers. So I might be just using Science Officers in his away Team. Something to think on when I get to gearing him.

Lieutenant General Sisteric
      Sisteric, and the rest of the guys, have been run much like Danic. Gathering Marks from special events but otherwise parking. Sisteric only has one extra officer, Nelen Exil, the Voth Science Officer.  So that means I would have to get additional guys.

Lieutenant General Torc
      Torc is much like Sisteric. With only Nelen Exil as his extra officer for the Away Team crew. Again will have to look into getting more officers.

Vice Admiral Grell
       Grell is gathering Marks. Grell has two members free for the away team. He Nelen Exil but also has Nen the Breen Tactical Officer free to go.

Vice Admiral Zemo
       Zemo has reached level 35. Still working on leveling him, but with the events I haven't had much time for this. Since he is not max level, I haven't planned out his Away Team yet. But at the end of this week starts a bonus exp event that lasts till the new expansion comes out. So I will be working on getting him leveled during this time, and probably starting on new guys. With Fed Eng, Klingon Tactical and Romulan Science on deck.

   That is what I have done this few week. Hopefully, you will find this informative. I plan on doing some reviews of the recent info that has been coming out. Until I get this all worked out. Enjoy the game and I will be seeing you.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Character Update...sort of

     Hi all. I know I have recently been quiet. That's been because of work. I have put in so much more time recently that I have been tired most days. But even so, I did some gaming in. So with out further ado...the Character Updates.

Vice Admiral Zombee
      So the USS Sorrick is now fully outfitted with Counter Command Space set and Counter Command Munitions. Zombee is fully geared with Counter Command Ground Set. R&D is now level 12 for Beams School. Picked up a new VR DOff from the Duty Officer event and also got a new VR Doff from a mission. I also finally got the HoloLeeta DOff. The USS Pamela K is fully decked out with Dyson Sphere Space Set and Protonic Arsenal. So now working on getting the Dyson Joint Command Ground Set for Nelen Exil. The Crystal Entity event is back and so am working on getting this done with all characters and get the purple DOff and large amount of resources gained.

Vice Admiral Danic, Lieutenant General Sisteric, Lieutenant General Torc and Vice Admiral Grell
      Only ran the Crystal Entity event and got the HoloLeeta DOff. Don't really have the time to get the gear right now. Plans are now to do the gear for each person as I complete each person. So once Zombee has all of the gear then Danic will be next. Then probably, Sisteric, Torc, Grell and then Zemo. As additional characters are created, I will add them to the list after Zemo.

Commander Zemo
       Zemo has now reached Level 33. I am now flying a Ar'kif Tactical Warbird, the RRW Gilidan.

Airholen the Explorer
      Resubbed WoW and started playing again. This character is going to try to get as much in Valor every week and get the upgrades to the gear as well as to continue to run Ordos and Celestials to get the last of his gear.

Grodah Jenkins
      Working on getting to level 60 so that when I get Warlords I will fast track her to 90 and continue the game from there. Grodah is my Horde Hunter and is a Female Orc.She is going to be my Horde main as Airholen is going to be my Alliance main.

That's it for now. More info once I have more time. Later all and Enjoy!