Thursday, April 2, 2015

Character Update (Torc Edition)

        So here is another mini update on just one character. Since today is the release of the Delta Recruit system, I will probably being doing very little with my mains.
         Torc though has been working on getting himself set up. He is not nearly as developed as Zombee or Grell and still needs to complete the Delta Rising story line. He is up to the ground battle portion on Kobali Prime. But his two Tactical officer are just not cutting it on the survival side of things, I will have to re-look at the away team and make some choices as to who will continue the story with him.
         Torc is going for the true Klingon setup of things, with disruptors being the focus on his ship. Eventually, I will get the ship decked out in Counter-Command gear and all upgraded. But that really does take time. Torc I have been able to control the BOff bloat pretty good. But the other characters after him will have even better control, based on what I have learned from him. I have updated his Character Page just so you can look at where he is now in skills and gear.
         After today, I shall be going back to my regular character updates covering all of my characters in the same post. Though, I suspect, that I will be covering my Delta Recruit more than my other three faction mains. The new one I make today will be the fourth 'faction main'. Fleet Admiral Zombee is my Fed main. Dahar Master Torc is my KDF main. Fleet Admiral Grell is my Romulan-Fed Aligned main. The new one will be a Romulan-KDF aligned character.
         All of my Mains are Avalonians. It's part of the mythos I am building for my gaming experience and the stories I write connected to them. Some day, I will get the alignment corrected on the webpage so that I can make those Character Pages look correct and then tie the stories post to them. But I don't know enough about HTML yet to do that. Nor have I had time to figure it out.

        Well, that's it for now. Delta Recruiting has called me up and I plan to sally forth and conquer it. Good luck to me and everyone Enjoy!

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