Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Character Update (Grell Edition)

     I have update Fleet Admiral Grell's character page. He has done quite a lot since the last time I did an update on him.The new page show's where he currently is at in gear and weapons for both himself and his ship.
     As for updates to STO in general, the Crystalline Catastrophe is over. Grell, Zombee and Torc all got the Crystalline Torpedo. They are also currently testing out on the live servers some adjustments to the Azure Nebula Advanced STF mission to make it possible for pugs to complete it. So far it is a good change except for one issue. The optionals are really random on your ability to complete. You have to "rescue" a certain point value of ships, in this case 10, with in a 4 minute (I think) time frame. The problem is that there are only four spawn points to rescue ship from. And if they don't spawn a total of 10 points amongst those points on the initial start of the optional, you will never be able to make those 10 points. Ships don't respawn fast enough to get a second set and get them rescued within the time frame. This means that the majority of the time, the optionals are not possible to be completed. The scenario doesn't provide the ship points to complete it. But, unlike before, if you fail the optional you do not fail the mission. You just don't get bonus marks. This change alone is great. If they can make it so that enough ship points are guaranteed to be present when the optionals start then I think they have a model that can be applied to all the other Advanced STF queues.
      Grell has completed all of the story line including the Delta Rising portion. Grell is far behind in gear quality and and rarity when compared to Zombee. SO most of my efforts are focused on getting his gear all upgraded to the right level. This means I have to do certain STF's at advance to get the crafting materials to make the upgrades. It's slow going, but I will get there.
      Couple things to note...STO released a new story episode with weekly rewards. The rewards are to get a a three piece Imperial Romulan Navy ground set. Grell will be using this as his primary armor. The other thing of note is that on April 2nd will the new Delta Recruit event. This requires that you make a new character and take it through the leveling process. But there are some modifications to the normal experience and apparently there is an Temporal Agent that will be helping you prepare for the fight against the Iconians as you level. This will also unlock special rewards for your already created characters too. I will be creating at least one Delta Recruit because that is what they say is all that I need to unlock things for my account across all factions. So expect to see coming character updates for this new character. I am planing on making him a Rom-KDF Engineer Alien (Avalonian). Haven't settled on a name yet.

       Well, I hope you enjoyed this update and I will see you later!

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