Monday, March 16, 2015

Character Update (Zombee Edition)

                So I updated Fleet Admiral Zombee’s Character page. It shows what changes I have made in gear, skills, reputation, commendations, research, traits and specializations I have acquired. But I wanted to detail it a little more here just so that everyone will know why some of the changes have occurred.
                First off, we should cover what has changed in STO overall, so that you can get a sense of why some things are there and what is new to the game.  With the end of the Winter Event came a little breather before the next event, the 5th Anniversary of STO. In this Event you ran a new story mission that covered some details about the Kobali. At the end of the first run through you can get the Vaudwaar Uniform. Also you get a significant number of Qmendations that is used to get the Kobali Samsar Command Cruiser, a Tier 6 ship. The Anniversary also brought us a new specialization called Command.  Once one character got the Cruiser, and then all remaining characters on that account can get the same ship at a significant reduction in cost. Within the new Story Mission there was the option to find and accept a Kobali BOff that would be an Engineering Command Officer. Also reruns of the Story Mission will get additional pieces to the Kobali Space Set. I picked up a couple of the pieces but haven’t put in the time to what pieces I am missing for this guy.
                After the 5th Anniversary came the Crystalline Catastrophe event. In it you need to collect 14 crystal shards. Which you can get once per 20 hours, and turn them in to get a torpedo that acts like a Anti-Proton Beam. It gets affected by some beam powers and by some torpedo powers, and deals out Anti-proton damage instead of kinetic damage. I am in progress on this and have collected 10 fragments so far. You also will get a big drop of unrefined dilithium ore, fleet marks, and marks of reputation choice. Also, as each mission is run you get to select a choice of marks and dilithium payout.
                I was also able to complete the Delta Rising story line. I had discovered that I was playing the missions on the hardest setting. The fact that I got as far as I did on a suboptimal setup made me feel good about my piloting skill and gear choices. I have since tuned the setup to up my DPS. In fact, the game has made a decided switch in its mission structure to actually support DPS’ing over any other play style, they added timers that if you don’t complete fails the entire mission. Most of these timers involving killing a certain number of things in a specified period of time, so high DPS will always get the team through on these missions.
                As for the upgrading of gear, most everything but the shields and deflectors are Mark XIV and at least Very Rare.  I just recently was able to build an Omnidirectional Phaser Beam Array. It’s Mark XII and Ultra-Rare quality. Replaced the Omnidirectional Kinetic beam with this unit and will now upgrade it to Mark XIV, The Shields and Deflectors are Mark XII and Very Rare so they will be upgrade to Mark XIV. If the shields or deflectors gain any more quality along the way then good for me, but otherwise I am not going to worry about it. Very Rare Quality is good enough for me right now.

                SO that’s what Zombee has been up to date. I am going to try and catch up with all of my guys and then get back to a regular schedule again. Until then, Enjoy!

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