Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dark Below Azeroth

    SO it got announced that Blizzard trademarked "The Dark Below". And speculations ran wild as to which Intellectual Property (IP) was getting this. Fingers pointed between the Diablo and WoW camps. And then a website popped up called "Reaper of Souls" that was obviously Diablo connected and set up by Blizzard. And to cap this news, it was discovered that another Title was "trademarked" by "Blizzard". This was quickly revealed to be a hoax. Putting "The Dark Below" trademarking information into doubt. As the hoax was garnered through the same source as the previously proclaimed trademark. What we do know for sure is that "Reaper of Souls" is very likely the next Diablo expansion. That there is a Blizzard Website with that name done in Diablo style and makes obvious Diablo references. And Blizzard has not commented on the validity of "The Dark Below" trademark news.
    The title sounds plausible. It also opens up the possibility that we would be dealing with Naga in the next expansion. So Queen Azshara would become more prominent in the story and maybe gives us more Burning Legion to go kill. Wrathion in the legendary quest tells us in no uncertain terms that the Legion is coming back. Ra-Den, when you defeat him, comments that we are facing a dark chasm beneath us. And then there is the Squid Boss in Cataclysm that was held the title of Fiend of the Dark Below (Ozumat). So a lot of things do point in this direction. And would not be a bad direction for a new expansion either. Heading below the crust of Azeroth to find Queen Azshara fighting of Infernal Creatures. Maybe even running into a new spearhead effort by the Burning Legion to gain a foothold on Azeroth. Lorewise, this would be an interesting direction and cover some new ground. And the gear could al be designed in a more sinister and infernal style. Personally I think would be a very good way to move the story of WoW from the events in Pandaria and Ogrimmar.
      Also an article came out clearly stating that the latest PVP season will end on August 27th. As people were commenting on this, it's good to note that the last few seasons end when a new patch was released. On top of this info, Holinka, a wow employee, stated that the 5.4 patch would announce the end of the season. So in a couple of weeks 5.4 should be here, and I will be working on the figuring out the rotations for my Hunter and exploring the Timeless Isle.
     So what do you guys think? Will 5.4 come out on time or get delayed? And is "The Dark Below" a hoax? I hope not. Tune in next time to see what else I will write about.

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