Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
     So I switched over to Survivalist spec and tried a run at that Epic Cloak in the Legendary quest. And I got it! It was so easy to do it in Survivalist mode that it was laughable. I made it farther than I ever could in Beast Master on the first try. I only failed the first time because I didn't get out of the are of effect during Wrathion's Mirror Image phase. I was killing those adds like nobody's business. So I have completed the 5.3 Legendary Questline and now wait for 5.4. In the mean time I went to AQ to do some pet hunting. Got two of the pets. Need to rethink my strategy for Viscidius ad go back to Molten Core to get the pets from there.

Brewmaster Asmodea
     Finally reached level 90. So now doing the Isle of Thunder solo scenarios so that I can can valor and gear. I need to up my Ilevel from 421 to 425 so that I can get the Epic Boots and start doing Scenarios. Eventually pushing the ILevel high enough to get into the raids and such.

Airholen of Baldur's Gate
      He is now level 45. He is progressing through the quest lines very well and I have been working on the professions levels too. But they are slower going that my character level. The story is very interesting still. And having to choose which skills I bring to a fight is starting to get hard to do.

     Level his reps again. Also gained new ships and outfits from the free giveaway that Cryptic did. But really nothing compelling to report yet. It's painful these rep grinds.

     Leveled his reps too. And picked up all og the klingon freebies. The new Tier 5 ship is a carrier and is now his main. Very interesting and surprisingly fun way to fight in space.

     Got a couple reps leveled. But didn't do a whole lot else with him. Grell is fun to play on the ground but I got to find a better ship to fit my style. And the Cryptic Giveaway didn't include any Romulan objects.

So that's what I played this week. Tune in next time to see what else I might write about.

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