Friday, February 8, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 4

Hi all, today is supposed to be about the best memories in WOW. So lets get to it...

Best Memory #1
    I think the top most memory for me would be dinging 85 on Airholen. Not because he was was my first 85, (he was), but because I got him there before Justin. Justin is my youngest step son. He and I bonded quite a bit over WOW. So it became a little bit of a competition between us about being the best. Because he isn't a father, working, married or trying to care for his home he ends up with waaay more time than me to play. In Wrath, he leveled 5 characters to 80 by the time I got Airholen to 80. So I thought it was quite the accomplishment to get to 85 before him.  But he leveled 4 guys before I got my next 80 (Strayleaf my Tauren Palladin). Now, I did get to level 90 before him, but that was because he had not been doing well in school and so got himself grounded from WOW. A victory, but didn't have the same feelings since he couldn't compete.

Best Memory #2
    My second most memorable moment to me was when I was online when MoP went live. First time I had ever stayed home from work for a game. I took the personal day just to be able to play MoP on day one. It was amazing to me just how many people were hanging out in Stormwind waiting for the drop. It was the most populated I had ever seen Stormwind be. And when the drop came, the skies filled with flying mounts, mostly dragons. The sun was blotted out. I just followed the butts in front of each point. And I do mean butts. When it cam time to shoot the ships, that was all that I saw. I never saw the ship, except on approach and when I finally got to leave. That part of the mission I just blindly mashed the buttons till it said I had done it and moved to the next point. There was waaaay less people there, maybe 2 or 3 people, and it became easier to actually do the mission. Which got me going to the next stage even faster. It was exhilarating to me to see all these people on the game with me at the same time. And very saddening to know that after today, most of them I would never see again. But I do think that at the next expansion release I am going to do it again. It's an experience that can not be duplicated at any other time.

Best Memory #3
    I think that would be the day I tamed my primary pet for Airholen, Panterra. Panterra is the Loque'nahak Spirit Beast. It's the only spirit beast that doesn't look like a ghost. I had camped it out for a month before I finally got him. My first attempt at getting him ended when a Horde Tauren Druid came along and killed him as I was taming him. Pissed me off. Took me another two weeks before he was up. This time we went unbothered through the whole thing. Back then, each spirit beast had their own abilities. And I had choose Loque'nahak based on her ranged attack and healing abilties. Now, all spirit beast have heals, and her ranged attack was yanked. But I still use her the most. Her ability to deal damage is awesome when in ferocity spec.

   So that is just some of my memorable moments for me in WOW. Hoped you liked it. Tomorrow will be about my favorite Items in game. Tune in to found out what they might be.

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