Thursday, February 14, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 10

    So today is supposed to be about my first blog. Look at Day 1 and you will see what I did. So instead, I think I will talk about podcasts I listen too. This topic will lead into Day 10, so it will make sense.

Blogs I read.
     Currently I read The Elizabella Chronicles and EpicInsanity. Elizabella's Chronicles is varied in it's subject matter and done by several people. It's interesting in seeing the many different viewpoints on things.
     EpicInsanity's is one voice talking, but he does cover many subjects. So far, I have found it informative and entertaining.

Websites for me.
     I look at several websites for different reasons.
     Petopia I go to read up on my hunter pets and look for where to find the rare looks.
     WOWHead is where I go to research items and questline details.
     Armoury is what I go to look up my characters.
     MMO Champion to read about patch updates and the data mined info on upcoming gear.
     WOWdb is usually end up at because one of the above websites directed me there.
     Ask Mr. Robot I use to figure out how to gear, gem and enchant my character.

    So this concludes the websites I use. Hopefully you will find these sits of use too. Tomorrow's topic will be about my bad habits and flaws. Tune in if you want to know.

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