Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lieutenant General Brans Sisteric Tevis, KDF Engineering Officer

      So today we will go over my Klingon Empire character, Sisteric.

Character Information for Sisteric
       Name: Brans Sisteric Tevis      Nickname: Sisteric      Rank: Lieutenant General     Grade: 50
       Race: Gorn                              Sex: Male                   Career: Engineering Officer
       Active Ship:
            Name: IKS chonnaQ          Class: Vor'cha Battle Cruiser (retrofit)
            Crew Compliment: 1500

      Bridge Crew:
            N'Goren                            Rank: Commander              Quality: Very Rare
            Race: Klingon                    Sex: Female                        Career: Science Officer
            Departments: Medical                                                  Stations:

            Alsaa                                 Rank: Commander              Quality: Rare
            Race: Gorn                        Sex: Male                           Career: Engineering Officer
            Departments: Engineering                                             Stations: Away Team and Tactical Station II

           Tzenek                                Rank: Commander             Quality: Very Rare
           Race: Reman                       Sex: Male                          Career: Science Officer
           Departments: Science                                                   Station: Away Team and Science Station I

            Sarulla                                Rank: Commander            Quality: Very Rare
            Race: Klingon                     Sex: Female                      Career: Engineering Officer
            Departments: Operations                                             Station: Engineering Station I

            Remmo'Zun                        Rank: Commander            Quality: Very Rare
            Race: Jem'Hadar                Sex: Male                          Career: Tactical Officer
            Departments: First Officer and Security                        Station: Away Team and Tactical Station I

            Kul                                    Rank: Commander             Quality: Very Rare
            Race: Breen                       Sex: Male                          Career: Tactical Officer
            Departments: Tactical                                                  Station: Away Team and Tactical Station II

  So there is the crew of the IKS chonnaQ. This is my Klingon faction character. The ship is medium in size with a decent turn rate. The engines are of Honor Guard make and that is the best gear out there for Klingons. The shields are Honor Guard too. The deflectors are of Jem'Hadar design. Her weaponry is a mish mash of Breen, Romulan, Klingon and Honor Guard make. She is still in upgrading phases as I complete missions and get better technology.

   My goal with this character is to complete gearing him and then work on maxing out his manufacturing skills. Once that is done, he will then works toward gaining the dilitium need to upgrade the account.

Next time, we will over my final STO character, Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Danic, a Starfleet Science Officer. Tune in to find out more about him.

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