Sunday, February 10, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 6

    Wow, I have made it 6 days straight so far. And I feel good about it. Thank you all for reading. Now on to todays topic, What's my workspace look like.

Where I work
    Like I said bfore, I am an IT professional. I administer a network, reapirs all of the computers. repair the student laptops, administer and repair the VOIP system, and do anything else that the wired or wireless network is connected to. I also oversee the ell phone acounts for the company. I do not work in a cubicle, but at a service desk. Here let me show you a panoramic picture of it...

Panoramic view of my desk while sitting in my chair.

    Starting on the far left is the laptop that I work on, in it's docking station. On top of it is photos of my kids. Then you see the two monitors, Keyboard and Mouse along with a picture my eldest daughter made for me. There's an iPhone radio/charging station that is behind the monitors. It's what I use to listen to the podcast I subscribe to. Next is my desk phone, various files, and assorted computer gear. Where ypu see the computer and keyboard on the right is our re-imaging station. Then is our shelves for laptop that have been given to us to repair. Different shelves represent where they are at in the repair process. Next is out white board and our desk of tools. Further off-camera is the front desk that the students, faculty and staff come too in order to let us know they have a computer related issue.Off to the left of the camera is where my co-worker sits.
    The room is kept a cool 60 degrees so I generally have a jacket with me all year long.
    Since this work space is a common area and the front desk to the public, we have done very little to personalize it.

   Ok, so that's where I physically work at. So next weeks topic is the reason behind my Blog's name. Or at least it's supposed to be. But I covered that in Day 2. So instead I will cover why I use my moniker and why my characters have the names that they do. Just so that I don't repeat myself. Tune in and find how how I got the name Zombeeman.

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