Monday, February 11, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 7

SO today I will talk about my character's names, and my own moniker. This will give you a chance to see what characters I will be cover in this blog in the future.

Where did Zombeeman come from?
    I used to be very skinny. So much so that the running joke was when I turned sideways I disappeared. Some reference to me being only 2 dimensional. One day, a co-worker and friend looked his keys in car. His driver side window was rolled down enough that I could get my arm in and unlocked the door. From that day forward, they started calling me Zombie because of how thin I was. While I was working there, most of my friends wanted me to get an e-mail address. So I went on a free e-mails service and tried Zombie, but it was taken. So Zombee, Z0mbee and several others. But then I tried Zombeeman and it went through. As that worked for me there, I started using that moniker at other sites and it always worked for me. So it stuck with me online at least. In real life, i have recently been referred to as zombeehubby and zombeedad. But normally it's just Dan.

Where do I get my character names from?
    All of my characters have names. No particular theme to them. I wanted them to be unique to each character so that they would be unique. But as time passed, and I moved from game to another I re-used the names of characters that created memorable moments to me.
    Airholen: That name was first used for creating a elf charcter. I had found an Tolken-esque name generator online and this name popped up. I liked it and used it. That D&D character lived a short but hilarious life fighting lizard people. Well, actually, just watching one lizardman, nicknamed Captain Dexterious, slaughter the other lizardmen invading our camp. We never did anything more after that fight. But it was such a memorable moment that I knew the name had to live on somehow. My Draenai Hunter was the first hunter I made, so I thought it would be appropriate to bring that old rangers name back into use on WOW. Airholen has since become my favorite character in WOW and the one that I test all new things out on first.
    Asmodea: This name I created back in my D&D days for a half-demon/half-elf female paladin. I created the name by femonizing Asmodeus, the prince of the 9th plane of hell. That paladin went on a merry adventures and that group wound up trying to kill the princes of hell. Another adventure series that ended early from lack of player having time. But I liked the name so much that when my first daughter was born, I tried to convince my wife to use it. She said no, and eventually we named her Emma. But that name had to be used, so I made a human female rogue in WOW with that name. I also have a black cat named that too.
   Sisteric: This name was created to get a lizard-like sounding name to a D&D lizardman character. That character was lots of for being so out of place everywhere he went. That group too disbanded during the adventures. So Sisteric gets used on every lizard-like character I create. I have no Sisteric's in WOW, but in Star Trek Online I have a Gorn named that. He is an engineer and maxed out in level. He is very effect in space but his ground pounding skills are still in flux. I haven't quit found his thing.
   Scorpio: This name I used when I first got into rpg's. I am a Scorpio by birth sign, so it was an easy steal. It since has had many characters bear that name and and even graced notable gods, world features and powerful objects names in my own games. Currently, it used as part of the name for my first Star Trek Online character, Zombee Scorpio Danus.  He is in the federation as a tactical officer and specializes in Romulan based gear. The ship is really optimized to take down Borg, and on the ground it's about grenades, stuns and burns.

   I use many more names than this, but you can see with the above names where I draw inspiration from in general. As I get into detailing each character I play, you get to see the thoughts that went into creating and naming these characters. Tomorrow will be about 10 things you don't know about me. Tune in and found out if I shock you at all.

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