Thursday, February 7, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 3

    SO today I am supposed to talk about my first day on WOW. But I think I should cover where I was coming from before WOW so that my first impressions would make more contextual sense.

What lead me to WOW?
     I was one of those guys who said that they would never pay to play a game. I would buy the box and play the game. My first multi-player game was on GenieNet playing MechWarrior. Didn't cost any money to play. And it was what is now called PVE. It was great but GenieNet was taken down. So for several years I just played on my machine. Then a co-worker said I should play Everquest. He gave me access to his daughters account he had payed for, and she wasn't using. And I tried it. And enjoyed working with other people. Unfortunately, that friend passed away. And so I stopped playing. When I finally decided to start playing again, I had no online game anymore and my table top gaming had hit a slump.So my table top gaming friends suggested WOW to me to fill the void.

My first day on WOW.
     And so I convinced my Wife that I wanted to try WOW. I bought WOW and the Burning Crusade Expansion and installed it at the same time. Wrath was not out yet. Since this was to fill my gaming needs, I thought that I would run solo at first. I choose a Forsaken, because I have always had the moniker of Zombeeman. It seemed a natural fit. But class was something else. On table tops games, I always tried to be the spellcaster and outdoorsy kind of guy. And as I read the available class, warlock had that imp that starts out with you. I figured two of me would be better than one and so created Zombis. Zombis was the first zombee oriented name that was not already taken. That annoyed me that I couldn't have any name I wanted. The opening cinematic was new to me, and I payed a lot of attention to it. I then started playing, and noticed that the game lacked the tutorials that I was used to seeing. It also seemed strange that no players were about that I could see, and there was none willing to talk to me about what I was supposed to do.I seemed odd to me to, but then I am the one who usually goes out of their way to turn off any and all tutorials in a game so that I could figured it out on my own. I started running those first quests and found that reading all of the quest box was fun and informative on more than just the quest. As I ran along, my stepsons started asking me about the game too. And I ended up on that first day actually spending more time showing them the game than actually playing the game. What I did do, intrigued me. And when I did stop for the night, I was already in the first town. I left that session knowing I was going to play again and knowing that I would have to schedule my time with my two sons desire to play too.

   And that was my first day on WOW, everyone. Zombis still lives, but I moved servers on him. And I haven't played him much since Cata came out. And not at all since MoP. I will go back to him for I have plans for WOW, but it will be some time.

    Tomorrow's blog will be about my best memories in WOW. Tune in to find out.

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