Monday, February 18, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 14

    So today is supposed to be about what upsets me. What upsets me may not even bother you in the game. But here we go.

What upsets me?
     What upsets me in game is homogenized characters. Currently, to me, WOW has taken more and more real customization from characters since I started playing.
      1st thing
             Weapon skills. It used to be that you had to level weapon type. Now, you just can use all weapons you class can you with no difference from weapon to weapon. So instead of being good with one weapon but sucking with others, you just can get the best weapon no matter what type it is. Personally, if there is no mechanic that truly makes it a choice between weapons, why even have weapon types. I liked it having to make a choice to switch from one weapon another based not only on the weapons stats for my skill with that weapon too.
      2nd thing
               Talents. Talents are so paired down now that it's simple. Simple enough that my 8 year old daughter can make the right choices. The choices are not unique enough. And not possible to be varied enough. The original way of having all three talent trees open to be picked from as you level I liked better. It allowed me to optimize my character to my play style. It great for me. I didn't set my Hunter up as a huge DPSer but more buffed towards using my pet and traps. I enjoyed crowd control on my hunter and then wading in with melee weapons. But the current system has so stripped what do from it that I can't play that way anymore. I have to be DPSer or get ridiculed. So what happen to playing my way?
      3rd thing
                Radical class changes. I am going to reference Hunter specifically because it's what I know that got changed in major and in sweeping ways that I feel was to the classes detriment. Hunters had mana changed to Focus. Focus is capped at 120 for me. And there is no potion to regain it. And the regen rate sucks big time. When I had built my hunter pre-Wrath, I had a lot of mana and my regen rate was awesome, I had sacrificed agility to keep this going. But then I had melee weapons and skills that I could use, and did. Now, I have to regen my focus with channeled shots and special commands to my pet. As well as the right talent selection. When Hunters had mana there was quite the variety of ways to do things, between pushing mana or  agility. And whether to focus on melee or ranged battle was also part of it. And you trained your pet skills too back then. Now there is no selection. They just get everything they are going to get and that's it. One crab is the same as another. No customization at all between the pets. Also, Hunters are relegated to strickly ranged weapons, for if the use anything other than a gun or bow, they can't use their special abilities. I don't even know why WOW even bothers letting hunters use melee weapons any more. It's useless to our class now. All these things went a long way to pulling the customization from Hunter characters. I could go on about What they did to Death Knights, but I think you get the drift here. These changes killed my way of playing. And for all of WOW's statement that MoP will allow me to play my way, it has done little to do that, and more of forcing me to play in modes I wasn't interested in or capable of doing. Which brings me to point four.
     4th thing
                Forced game play. Currently WOW has added quest line(s) that force you to play in Raids and PVP. Quest lines that start off as PVE and then force you to do these other play styles that you had no interest or time for. End result, to me, is that I have a quest chain that I may never finish and have to decide on whether to abandon it or have it occupy a spot for the day that I can get it done. It sucks, because I really only have time for PVE and LFR. I don't really have time for raiding or making raid friends, and I really don't have much time for Solo play at times. Forcing people to play in environments they don't want to really isn't letting me play my way, the MoP creedo.

I have way more things that bug me about WOW as it is now. But I think I have said enough for today. Tomorrow's topic is about my desktop background and it's reasons why. Tune it to find out more.

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