Wednesday, February 6, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 2

SO this one is supposed to be about why I started to blog. The answer to that is simple. But the theme for this blog is not as simple. So I will cover both of these answers.

Why I decided to start a blog.
This is simple. I was inspired by Elizabella of the Epic Questions Podcast to start this. I had been looking for a way to speak my mind about WOW and MMO's in general. And on her podcast she talked about how she was taking this blog challenge  So I looked into it, and read her blog and decided that this would be something I could do and had a format that I could follow to get into the swing of things. And now we have this.

Why is my blog called "Cast of Characters"?
Well, I love MMO's. And I try to read as much as I can about MMO's. I also have things I dislike about MMO's. I have tried the forums but it never gives me any satisfaction. Mainly because I can't present subjective feelings about how it affects my fun and play. After reading up others blogs, I can to the realization that this would be the way for me. But to me, it was daunting in how to start blogging. Finding the challenge has given me a way to start.
But the other thing I was noticing is that when people blogged about a game, it was always about one game. I don't play just one game. I play several. And I like all of my characters. So I thought that if I made my blog about my characters that it would be different. And I wouldn't be tied down to just one game. I could explore all my games that I enjoy. It might even force me to to go back to some of my other characters that I have not been diligent about. It would also would let me look at new games and say what I think about them.  And since I have opinions, I would like to talk about what was good and bad in a game for me. And what parts of one game would be nice to see in another game. So once this challenge is over, I will be start getting into my various characters, and what I like about the various games and their updates. I also will cover what I dislike, and any improvements that I would like to see happen.

So this ends my second blog. Day 3's challenge is supposed to be about my first day in WOW. Tune and find out how that went.

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