Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vice Admiral Zombee Scorpio Danus, Starfleet Tactical Officer

 So this will be my first pass at my Star Trek Online Characters. So here we go.

Character information for Zombee
    Name: Zombee Scorpio Danus     Nickname: Zombee     Rank: Vice Admiral      Grade: 50
    Race: Alien (Avalonian)                Sex: Male                    Career: Tactical Officer
    Active Ship:
         Name: USS Hesse                  Designation: NCC-92943           Class: Oddysey Star Cruiser
         Crew Compliment: 2500

    Bridge Crew:
         Memak'kiclan                       Rank: Commander          Quality: Very Rare
         Race: Jem'Hadar                   Sex: Male                       Career: Tactical Officer
         Departments: First Officer and Security                        Stations: Away Team and Tactical Station I

         Meama                                Rank: Commander           Quality: Uncommon
         Race: Alien                          Sex: Male                         Career: Engineering Officer
         Departments: Operations                                             Stations: Universal Station I

         Miranda Whitely Syler         Rank: Commander            Quality: Very Rare
         Race: Human                       Sex: Female                     Career: Science Officer
         Departments: Medical                                                  Stations: Science Station I

         Alan Jon Crisler                  Rank: Commander             Quality: Very Rare
         Race: Human                      Sex: Male                          Career: Engineering Officer
         Departments: Engineering                                             Stations: Away Team and Engineering Station I

         Lameran                             Rank: Commander             Quality: Very Rare
         Race: Reman                      Sex: Male                           Career: Science Officer
         Departments: Science                                                   Stations: Away Team and Science Station II

        Kel                                      Rank: Commander             Quality: Very Rare
        Race: Breen                         Sex: Male                          Career: Tactical Officer
        Department: Tactical                                                      Stations: Away Team

     That is my Captain and crew of the USS Hesse,  a very large, fast moving, but slow turning starship. She is decked out in Anti-proton beams and Photon Torpedoes specifically modified to be more effective against Borg. She has also been modified with Omega Force style shields and deflectors and a mark 13 high speed Impulse engines. This ship can take and deal out damage very well, but maneuvers like ocean liner.

     Things of note about my crew are that three of them are from races that are known enemies of the Federation (Jem'Hadar, Reman and Breen). My character and my operations cheif are from races outside of the Federation. And my only female officer is the Doctor. The sole Federation representatives are a pair of Humans.

     I am also a member of a fleet called the Starfleet Defense Force. We have our own starbase. We also are developing our embassy at New Romulus.

     My goal with this character is to get enough dilithium converted to Zen bucks to increase my account wide  options, like more characters, account bank and more slots for starships. I also need the Zen bucks to get keys to unlock the numerous boxes I have for the loot inside.

     Next time I will cover Lieutenant General Brans Sisteric Tevis, a Gorn Engineering Officer serving the Klingon Empire. Tune in to find outabout him and his crew.

Also of note is the fact that I was listening to the Epic Questions Podcast and EpicInsanity gave me a shout out for mentioning him on my blog, and posting links to his blog and podcast. That was cool to me, and I thank him.

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