Wednesday, February 13, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 9

    Sorry about this post coming in so late today. I have had a busy day with work. And todays's topic, My first Blog, is not really much to do. You can see it yourself. Just go to Day 1.
    This was obviously my first go around. And it touched upon who I am. I am not one to talk about myself much. So writing it was difficult. And I really don't know if it covered the topic well enough. I hope it did. But this medium doesn't provide a lot of interactive cues to let you know how successful you are at presenting your point. Which does make this more of an honest approach, in that I am not getting influenced by any body elses feedback as I write. Hopefully I will get some readers out there that will let me know how I am doing and tell me if I am doing well or what I need to improve on.
      Well that's enough musing for know. Tune in tomorrow to find out about what other blogs and website I regulary read and visit.

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