Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 16

    So today I am supposed to talk about what I miss Post-Cataclysm. I will definitely looking at this through the Hunters lens, since that's what I play the most.

What I miss Post-Cataclysm
    Hunter melee weapons. When I first made my Hunter, I made him as a melee Hunter. I ran around fighting with pet up close and personal. I found this style of play very fun. But now, all ways to use melee weapons has been removed. And reason to use the melee weapons have been removed. All damage dealing abilites are tied to Bows, Crossbows and Guns.
    I also miss any real AOE attacks. The only AOE attacks that a hunter has REQUIRES you to have a target. Which makes me completely useless in the Lei Shei fight when she goes invisible. Back when we had Volley, I could pick a spot and damage an actual area. But they took that from us. So it sucks that I can't do anything in certain phases of boss fights. 
     I miss choosing skills for my pets. Now they are the same per beast. My crab and the next guys crab have all the same stats and skills. The only difference would be the spec that we have them in. But if we have left them in the default spec our crabs are exactly the same. That's a loss of individuality that I noticed has been the trend with wow with each expansion. I see this as a sad direction.And I don't like it and wish it could be changed.
      I miss also the plateau that you reached when gearing your main so that you can level alts. I have not been able to reach a point with my main to feel like I can level my Alts. Cata I was able to reach that point and got my Alts up, but MoP has not reached that for me. I long for the time to run my other Alts more than I do now. I like having variety in my game play, and MoP has not made that easy for me.

    And that's what I miss most. Tomorrow's subject is My favorite spot in game or out. Tune in to find out where this could be.

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