Sunday, February 24, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 20

    And I have reached the final day of WOW blogging challenge. This means we will be seeing more about what I want to right and less about me. Today's post is about what I would if this was my last day to play WOW.

The Last Day's of Airholen
     I would logg into Airholen and start running every single old raid that I have yet to try. I would also run every dungeon I have never ran and just plain go out doing every bit of content I could before the day ended. And yes, I would sit at the computer for 24 hours just to maximize the time as best possible.
     There is loads of the content I have not done, and haven't felt like doing because I know I will get to it either on an Alt or by one of my max level characters when I have time. The content, as a whole, is not going away.So I don't feel any pressure to do it right now. But if I have a time limit, then the feeling to complete everything would be there and I would be running all over the place as best as I can to get it all done.

   So that's the 20 Day challenge. Hope you enjoyed it. Starting tomorrow I will start talking about my characters. First up will be Airholen. With him will come the format on how I will do it all from here on out.

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