Sunday, February 17, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 13

    So today I talk about people I admire in WOW. This is hard for me. For I generally do not idolize people at all. I look to them for insperation to do things and to try things. But not really admire, per se. So I will actually talk about the people that have inspired me in WOW.

The Inspirational People
     So let's start with Elizabella. She has inspired me to start blogging, and the way to start it.
     EpicInsanity has given me some advice on the starting of this too.
     My co-worker, lets call him Nilli, has inspired me to research WOW more to really optimize my gameplay.
     Rewt and Frecklface have shown me tools and addons that I hadn't considered before.
     Sodapoppin and Reckful has streamed their gameplay live, and make a living at it. It has inspired me to look into that and maybe try it myself. which would be great if it generates enough coin to keep me going.
     Justin, my stepson, for he and I compete. And that drives me to accomplish many things in game.

  So there you have it. Say hi to them if you see them and enjoy the game. Tomorrow the topic is what upsets me. Tune in to find out.

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