Monday, February 25, 2013

Airholen, the Draenei Beast Master Hunter

    Welcome to my first blog about my characters. In this one we will talk about Airholen. So lets get Started.

Character Stats for Airholen
    Name: Airholen             Race: Draenei          Sex: Male          Class: Hunter           Level: 90
    Specialties: Beast Mastery and Survival         Guild: The DarkSiders
    Base Stats:
           Strength: 167     Agility: 15175     Stamina 17515     Intellect: 185     Spirit: 195
           Mastery: 27.41%                         Health: 391613     Focus: 120       Average iLevel: 489
    Ranged Stats:
           Damage: 16147-23825    DPS: 7257.1     Attack Power: 33561     Speed: 2.75
           Haste: 8.93%                   Hit: +7.17%      Crit: 17.66%                   Expertise: 7.74%
    Defense Stats:
           Armor: 23741          Dodge: 11.44%         Parry: 0%          Block: 40%
    Talents: Beast Mastery Set
          Narrow Escape, Silencing Shot, Spirit Bond, Dire Beast, A Murder of Crows, Glaive Toss
                 Survival Set
          Narrow Escape, Silencing Shot, Spirit Bond, Thrill of the Hunt, A Murder of Crows, Barrage
    Major Glyphs: Beast Mastery Set
          Glyph of Endless Wrath, Glyph of Mend Pet, Glyph of Mending
    Minor Glyphs: Beast Mastery Set
          Glyph of Revive Pet, Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah, Glyph of Fireworks
          Jewelcrafting: 610           Mining: 600
          Archeology: 155     Cooking: 600     First Aid: 600     Fishing: 600
     Active Hunter Pets:
          Hogan the Crane, Mayran the Chimaera, Ouroborus the Worm, Panterra the Spirit Beast
          Rocket the Shale Spider
    Airholen was made when my warlocks stalled. I like having pets so I choose a hunter. I picked Draenei because they had a bonus to jewelcrafting and self healing abilities. Now Airholen is my main and is used to do all the content when it's fresh and I use to get anything for my account. Mounts, pets and achievements are primarily accomplished through  him.
    My goals with this guy is that I keep his gear to be the best for what I do. Keeping my skills and professions maxed. And grinding all the reps to be exalted. And all the achievements that can be gotten on the Alliance side done. Airholen will also will be running the old raids when I have time.
     Currently, prior to 5.2, I work on Valor capping so that I can get the best in gear equipment  And I make sure that I run Terrace of the Endless Springs to get a chance at my shoulders from Lei Shi.

  Tomorrow I will cover the character that I run when I have Airholen valor capped, Asmodea. Tune in to learn more about her. Also, I think that once I have covered all of the major characters I currently have, I am going to go back and talk about why I made the selections on character skills, talents and professions.

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