Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Asmodea, the Human Combat Rogue

     This one is about my rogue that I am leveling right now so that I can have her Alchemy skill maxed out to make Living Steel and to change the uncommon gems to rare gems.  So on to the info.

Character Stats for Asmodea
     Name: Asmodea          Race: Human          Sex: Male          Class: Rogue          Level: 77
     Specialties: Combat                                   Guild: The DarkSiders
     Base Stats:
          Strength: 122          Agility: 705              Stamina: 701          Intellect: 42          Spirit: 91
          Mastery: 16%         Health: 13608           Energy: 100           Average iLevel: 151
      Melee Stats:
          Damage: 467 - 566     DPS: 360.2      Attack Power: 2215     Speed: 1.43
          Haste: 7.75%             Hit: 4.56%       Crit: 13.18%                Expertise: 0%
      Defense Stats:
          Armor: 4787            Dodge: 22.72%       Parry: 3.01%            Block: 0%
          Shadow Focus, Deadly Throw, Leeching Poison, Shadowstep, Prey on The Weak
      Major Glyphs:
          Glyph of Adrenaline Rush
      Minor Glyphs:
            Alchemy: 374          Herbalism: 401
            Archaeology: 0        Cooking: 0          First Aid: 431      Fishing: 0

      Asmodea was made at the point that I decided that I wanted every profession covered. Also at this time I decided that I wanted 1 character of every race and at least one of every class. Asmodea was my human Alchemist. Now, I do have one of every class and race, but until I start playing them, I will not present them here.
     My goals with her is to get her Alchemy maxed out so that I transmute gems and living steel. I also plan on making all the best healing potions. I never plan to give her a second spec because there is no real difference in the specs to me. They are all melee DPS and the mechanics are basically the same with just a change in what the skill names are. And I am really waiting for the day that Combat really lives up to it's description and can go toe to toe with others in a direct attack. Currently they aren't allowed to tank and I feel this is very limiting on Blizzards part.
      Currently, prior to 5.2, I level Asmodea whenever I have done all that I need to for Airholen.

    Tomorrow I will go over Vice Admiral Zombee Scorpio Danus, as Starfleet Tactical Officer in Star Trek Online. Tune in to find out more about him and anything related to Star Trek Online.

    One more thing to note, on the Podcast Horde for Life, I had wrote them an e-mail about vehicle combat and what Blizzard could do with it. My jaw dropped when they read it on their show and they agreed with my points. So listen to episode 66 to hear my letter. Thanks!

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