Saturday, February 16, 2013

20 Days of WOW Blogging: Day 11

   Hello and and once again we have today's topic about flaws.

Flaws and Bad Habits.
    Like most people I don't rallu think I have that many habits or flaws. So asked people around for an answer to this. And my wife's response is that I curse a lot. And I swear like a sailor when I get mad. The fact that I am ex-Navy doesn't cut me any slack at all.
    A lot of people say that I sneak up on them. Now, I don't do this on purpose. But I seems to naturally walk about in a very soundless manner. I don't give fore warnings when I come around a corner. This usally scares people when I say something or touch them.
     As I find this subject matter hard to figure out, I will stop at this point. I am also very tired. So tomorrow will be about a typical day in my life in game and out. Tune in to see how exciting that is.

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