Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rebuilding a Guild in WOW Part 6

   So how do I recruit people for the guild?
  Forums on Battle.Net is one way. Spamming trade chat doesn't seem to be my style, but I need to do some of it. So I need to figure that out.
   Attempt#1    The DarkSiders Guild is looking for friendly achievement oriented players. We are a level 10 guild with 7 bank tabs.
   Attempt#2    Come join the The Darksiders. We are a level 10 achievement oriented guild with 7 bank tabs. Join our friendly atmosphere to get ahead in achievements.
   Not sure which is better, but I am going to try both this evening. I am going to get all of this implemented over the next couple of days. Once I get members joining, I will update this blog about it. I also will try and make a weekly update about the guild, much like the characters get right now.
    Tune in tomorrow to see how well I did in LFR last night. (Hoping for gear!)

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