Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rebuilding a Guild in WOW part 1

    SO I am going to write things up as I go as I try to figure out how to revamp my guild and get to become more than what it is.

    First off, I want to take stock of what I do have. I have 7 tabs in the guild bank. I have a tabard. The guild is currently level 9. I have created a guild page.

   So that means the guild has up to level 9 guild perks to offer. We have tabards, including the tabards that gain guild rep. We have some money. And I have a lot of stuff in the guild bank. So this is what the guild can bring to the table.

   So what do I want to do with this guild? I guess I should start of with what do I find as fun in the game. I currently run lfr, heroics and scenarios to optimize the gear my main has. I make things when I think I can profit from it or when I don't have the mount or pet. I work on getting all my reps. In fact I work on anything achievement based. SO I guess the fun things for me is achievements and the gearing up.

    SO how does that translate into a guild? Well, gearing is very much tied to leveling. And achievements are tied to just doing stuff. Same for making things. All of that could be covered by leveling. So, I think that I need to focus on leveling. And once we get some level 90s in the guild we can set up achievement runs. I like the guild also to be more focused on working together to get what people want than on hardcore mentality of pushing for the best ratings in raids.

    SO is this a good idea then? Being a leveling guild? Tomorrow I will work on what the guild description should be and what the mission statement should be. Tune in to help me out further. And thanks to all who will help me.

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