Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Casual Players View on Patch 5.2

   So I have been playing the 5.2 patch since it dropped. I also have been reading blogs and listening to podcast about patch 5.2. And I have some impressions about the game.
     Story from the Alliance side
     So I have seen and heard a lot of people complain about how there didn't seem much of a story lead in to the Thunder patch. I think that they aren't look at it the right way. Story wise on the Alliance side, Jaina Proudmoore has already head to the Isle of Thunder with the Kirin Tor fleet. You, being a hero of note, are sent to assist Jaina in her efforts. This is a military campaign. You are a considered as a military tactical asset and so are sent to to be used as such. Once you speak to Jaina, you are sent to three regions to assist in the efforts to destabilize those regions to allow the Kirin Tor to get a beachhead established. It fits the unlocking method that is being used in this patch. At this time, Stage 2 has been opened. This establishes an actual fortified position for the Kirin Tor to attack from. Currently you can choose to either do PVE or PVP oriented dailies. Now, I have only had one day at this, so I choose to do PVP dailies since by valor was already capped. The series of quest involved are oriented towards harming the Sunreavers or rescuing Kirin Tor forces or resources from the Sunreavers. I actually had fun doing it and, just like in Stage 1, I was able to complete all the dailies in about an hour. This allowed me time to look at working on an alt.

     Difficulty and Time Involvement
     So I have been seeing a lot of the people stating that the quests are difficult on the Isle. I have been doing the dailies since day one and I have not found any of the quests to be difficult or time consuming. So far, about an hour of my time is dedicated to the story line quest. After that, I am free to do collection runs or Alt leveling. I am having more fun since patch 5.2 than since MoP dropped. I don't feel like I am so hard pressed to get everything I see necessary done. I feel like I am advancing and yet having the time to do things I feel as fun on the side too.

     Nuts and Bolts
     What I mean by "Nuts and Bolts" is the mechanics of how things works. I have so far been disappointed by the "increased" drop rates in old MoP raids. So far all I have gotten from them is gold. So no change has been experienced. I have even did a Sha run, but it still has no change in appearance to me. The only thing I can say is for the Hunter, the Hunter's Mark being auto applied from my shots was a happy change. I find the recent change to stop Cross Realm help from looting the new world bosses really sucks. I usually can  only get help from cross realm friends. And I don't have the money to move my toons to a new server.

    Overall Impression
    So I have to say that I have preferred this patch over 5.1 or even 5.0. I think that this level of involvement is almost right. I could see having maybe 5 more quests to do would be nice. I think it would also be better if I could do both the PVP and PVE versions of the quest if I so desire. But otherwise I think this patch has done more to make the game fun and to make it feel less grindy. Thanks Blizzard!

   So tomorrow I am going to start a new direction for a few posts. I am going to go over my efforts to make my guild better than what it is now. I want use the blog as a sounding board for me to figure how to do that. I asked this question of the Epic Podcast crew and their response, in their latest podcast (#8) has given me thought. I want to have feedback on this too. And I hope that you all will help me. Please tune in and help me rebuild a guild.

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