Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Look at the pretty Island...

   Hi everyone, today I am going to give my impressions on the patch after one trip through it.

   I jumped on to Airholen and traveled out to The Isle of Thunder. I was able to pick up the starting dailies and started my explorations of the island. Killing the Zandalari and Saurok was not too difficult on it's own. But I did come across the rare spawns and quest npc's. So far either they were grayed out or, if I did fight it with another person, they got the loot and not me. So the sharing thing doesn't seem to be working. But in about an hour, even with the island as populated as it was with toons, I had completed all of the first stage of dailies. The missions are varied, and interesting to me. And seemed logical and well thought out to me too. Being turned into a Saurok was funny to me because my pet was also shape-shifted into different creatures each time. The funniest one was when I saw my cat become an ooze. As a hunter it was fun to have a ooze running beside me, a pet I can't get as yet. I did find it nice that my mark was auto-placed on the targets I attacked. It did seem to up my dps up a little bit. But once I was done with the dailies, I queued up the LFR, Random Heroics and Scenarios. I did not see anything change in my drops in Heart of Fear, nothing but gold again. I didn't get to the Isle of Giants. So today I will be trying that out.

    Hopefully I will be able to report about that tomorrow. Tune in to find out.

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