Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tankards, who knew...

    So Patch 5.2 dropped, but it's still patching as I am talking to you now. But I do have something that I do want to talk about. Asmodea and her tankards. So lets get starting.

      Asmodea, for those who don't remember, is a Human Rogue. I level her after I have Valor capped Airholen. Currently she is now Level 80 and running in Mount Hyjal. When I have made level 80, I tried running Hyjal with the current gear. And I got pasted multiple times by the elementals. Her ability to fight was completely hampered when compared to Northrend. So I went to the guild bank and took a look for gear upgrades. And I found a few pieces of armor  And then I found my weapons, a pair of Tankards O' Terror. These are Purple quality  iLevel 226 one handed maces that look like giant sized beer steins. This brought a smile to my face and giggle to my lips as I thought about using the pair. So I equipped the tankards and the first thing that I noticed was that the tankards didn't show on her hips. And once I pulled them out, it was just comical to see this dainty female human rogue carrying around two huge manly, rugged drinking mugs. There is no way you would think that a slinky sneaky rogue would be walking around bonking people on the head with these huge things. As I ran through Mount Hyjal with these tankards, I actually got giddy watching her fight. I was happy with what I was seeing, as well as she was kicking butt and taking names, gold and anything else that was possible to loot. This has left an impression on me, enough so that I plan to always transmog her weapons into these Tankards. And to further the motif, I have given her the title "Brewmaster". Brewmaster Asmodea and her duel Tankards O' Terror. I have even taken a picture of her and will be putting it up later on.

      I hope you enjoyed my discussion about my fighting Brewmaster. Since Patch 5.2 has officially dropped. I definitely will be playing it after the realms are back up and I will let you know how Airholen fairs in the new area. Tune in to find out how I do.

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