Monday, March 11, 2013

Update for Characters 2

   So today I will go over what I have done with my characters in the past week.
   First off I have not played hardly any of my alts. I have been concentrating on Airholen since 5.2 has come out. Airholen has been running the dailies on Isle of Thunder. It only takes an hour a day to run them. I like them. There seems to be a random selection of dailies for each of the three regions in the first section. I also got over to the Isle of Giants. There are no quests or dailies there to do. It purely is a farming location. Kill Dinos and Dinomancers and get loot. So far, I have been able get my Ancient tome to tame a Direhorn. I have my Direhorn pet. I have also collected 3 of the 4 pets you can get from the Dinomancers, those darn kneebiters have alluded me so far. I have not collected any of the dino mounts so far. I have tried but not been successful. I also have collected a little over 500 dino bones. That is after three days of slaying dinos. All I can say is there is only so many dinos I can slay before I loose intrest in the game.
     And that is when I switch over to Asmodea. So far I have got her to level 80 and doing content in Mt. Hyjal. So far, I have hardly done anything to advance anything. Though I do have to say that Asmodea has now acquired a theme for her. I am always going to keep her weapons looking like Tankards O' Terror. I have the Brewmaster title selected for her and she will be transmoging the rest of her gear to bolster the image of a drunken brawler. I have yet to figure all the parts out for her, but that's where I am headed with her. I do feel it's appropriate that my first character that I decided to always transmog for looks is a female character. She will have her own fashion sense. I may even starting doing fashion posting from her perspective. I will have to see.
     So that's what I have done so far this past week. Tune in tomorrow as I will give my impressions on 5.2 as I have experienced it to date. I also will included the impressions, information and feelings that I seem to be getting from other sources in the WOW community over 5.2.

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