Thursday, March 28, 2013

Problems and Solutions for WOW

     So has I have been playing in this new patch, I have been noticing my anger and frustration level rising with playing my main in the new area. This is do to the quest bosses looting problem, in part.
      What I mean by the problem is this, I pull a quest boss on my own. I grind the bosses health down to 10% or less. Someone bepopping along sees me fighting the boss, joins in and boss dies during my kiting efforts. Since they weren't kiting the boss they are right there at the body, they loot and then take off. And I, the guy that had done the work to kill 90% of it on my own, gets a portion of the gold and no loot. And the portion of gold I get is EQUAL to the guy that popped a hit or two and killed the boss. I think that is wrong and not fair. And causes undo stress for people to do work on these things alone and fail to get any of the loot. And people in the game are not kind or fair, which is a sad state in itself, towards those players.
       In my opinion, anyone who battles the bosses should get their own loot. And the amount of loot would be controlled by how long that person was involved in that particular battle. Any change that makes it so that everyone who is attacking the guy gets their own loot should be used. I think will make it so that people will join earlier in the fight to maximize their loot chances and don't make the hardest working person feel like they got screwed.
       The other problem I have been dealing with is the derth of interrupts on my Hunter. I get sent to battle some dudes that self-heal, and every time I using silencing shot, during it's cool down, the mob gets to cast again the heal. They are now at full health and I am starting all over again. Scattershot does not always work on mobs, and so I got one chance to stop it, but it's temporarily and they will get a period of time that they are free from any chance that I can stop them. So they get their heals in and so I have to work them down again. In fact, I tried so many times that I have figured out that I can't do it without using a pet that can interrupt them. So if they could change this so that either I get more interrupts or the heal less often would be best. Then people with low number of interrupts would have a chance to get them solo.
        The only other thing that is bothering me is collecting of the Secrets of the Empire tokens. I have done this for three weeks now and have gotten 6 of them. I didn't get any in the first week, and second week gave me two. SO while I am getting more every week, it still is very rarely gained. At this rate it's going to take me another 7 weeks to get the 20 I need. I think a better drop rate needs to be implemented for these things. But I feel that Blizzard would never consider this.
         So that's what I have for today. Tune in tomorrow to find out what I will have to say next!

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