Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rebuilding a Guild in WOW Part 4

   So I think that rules will be a slow developement over time. So I am going to go into quild structure.

   Current ranks are Initiate, Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, Lord and Guildmaster.
   I'll keep the tittles for now, and add Padewan before Journeyman and Darth after Master.
   Inititates are what members are when they first join the guild. They wil have no access to anything but will be able to view the bank tabs. I will will alllow them to deposit things and gold to the guild bank. To rise to Apprentice they have to gift the guild 10 gold. This is not to enlarge our coffers but to have a visible means to show commitment to the guild.
    Apprentice will have limited access to guild bank items and gold. They are still in the learning phase for the guild. To advance to Journeyman, at the first monthly officer meeting after being a Journey man for one month, they are reviewed by the officers and detirmined if they merit advancement. Criteria will be what they have done for the guild, how they have treated guild members, how they have comported themselves with others and any reports that other guild members having to the officers about that person. If the Officers feel it wise, the person will be advanced.
    Padewan will have increased access to the guild bank. They will be members that are expected to help the guild and it's members. Majority of the guild should be this rank. Advancement is case by case,  and done so at the request of an officer during the officer meeting.
    Journeymen are assistants to the officers. They are not officers but are the pool of people that are filling in for officers when they are not present. They are not an officer rank themselves, but they are from who all officers are chosen from when the need arrises.
    Master is the first of the officer ranks. There will be one master per class. The person chosen for this position demonstrated a level of understanding about their class they they could answer most any question. Duties will included checking in on everyone of their class to make sure they are doing okay and have no issues. They will need to gather reports on Apprentices and attend monthly officer meetings to determine guild member advancement.They will also assist any Darths in running guild events as needed.
    Darth are members with a desire to organize and run acheivement runs, raids, challanges and tourneys. There will be Darths of Raids, Dungeons, Pet Battles, Challenges and Holidays. The Darths wll organize events and activities to keep the members engaged in the game or even to help them to thier goals. Advancement is determined by the Guildmaster based on all the recomendations of the officers.
   Lords are just all of my alts. Created so that I could accomplish things without having to jump onto my main for everything.
   Guildmaster is my main.

   So that's the ranking structure. Until I have members, not sure if I will have any other structure needed at this time. Tune in tomorrow to see what I come up with next.

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