Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hunter News

   So, apparently in PTR, Hunter's are going to get 50 stable slots. Hunter's have been wanting to have more pet slots so that they can collect the new rare pet styles out there. Even I have had to drop pets to open slots to get the new pet types I wanted. It was an agonizing and disappointing thing to do. This change would mean that I can get 1 pet for every pet family I want and still have 11 spots for just looks that I like. I think that this is great change, but doesn't go far enough. I don't see why we need to have a cap at all. Why not just limited just like Battle pets, where you can only have 3 of each pet. So why not just limit us to three of each family. In that way everybody can get just the looks they like and still have space to pick up some optional looks for changes in taste.
   The PTR doesn't seem to contain any further changes to Hunters at this time. I think that this one change is big enough that any other change might just get missed for awhile. But who knows?
    Tune in tomorrow and I will talk more about things that bother me in game. While it may seem like I will be ranting, I actually will be trying to define what bothers me and what could be done to fix it to my satisfaction.

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