Monday, March 4, 2013

WoW 5.2 coming tomorrow?

   So I get online and look around at my normal sources and see that WoW 5.2 data is already released on the Ask Mr. Robot gear optimizing. I find this disappointing in that I will not have completed upgrading my Yaungol Gloves. And the other reason why I am a little unhappy about this early of a release is because now I will be having to start the gearing efforts all over again. So, I don't plain to take a pic of Airholen at this point. I will wait til I am all geared for 5.2. It also means that I will probably be playing Asmodea less as I run all the dailies and such for Airholen.
    Even so, I still would like to go over the merits and flaws of Patch 5.2 from my purely biased point of view. Some of it will deal directly with Hunter and Rogue changes. And some of it will deal with what changes they did to non-class specific stuff that I deal with.
    First off, Having the Island unlocked by the server efforts means each servers hard core raiders will control content for all players. Which is great for those servers will world class professional raiding guilds. But those servers with no professional or hard core guilds in their faction, they may never get the content unlocked. Unless they plan on nerfing this for low pop servers, or for server that are too heavily balance for one faction. Otherwise, I think only hardcore servers are ever going to see the whole island.
    I am really bothered by the way the legendary quest line is progressing. It starts off as an PVE quest, but then it forces you to PVP and the last thing, before 5.2 gets released, it requires you to form a a raiding group to take down a raid-like boss. This sucks as I am soloist PVE player. I do not have a raiding guild. I have tried getting a group together for it, but that has so far not gotten enough people to win. And now, in 5.2, every thing I have gained so far is chucked out the window with the bath water. The sha weapon will be weaker that any gear gained in the new patch, the sha gem can't be put in anything new. In fact, the only thing transferable is the extra socket for the weapon. Which I can't get because I have to defeat the raid level world boss. This legendary quest line is anything but fun and exciting for me to progress in. In fact, once Asmodea gets to 90, I see no reason to do it for her as there are no rewards worth it at this time.
    Marked for Death Glyph is removed and it's effect is now baseline. I like this but this goes to the point that I feel that every hunter is losing it's uniqueness. Since this is becoming baseline, it goes to show that they didn't create enough useful options to compete with this ability. It's going baseline because all hunters use it, All hunters use it because it's just to useful not too. In fact the only reason a hunter would't have this glyph is because they couldn't afford to get it.
    All the hunter changes are mostly buffs to damage, or elimination of focus costs to certain abilities. I find these simple changes just to try and give hunters some umph in PVP. It should make things better in that are of play as well as for the solo efforts against older content.
    Rogue changes sum up to one thing for me, throwing becomes a viable way to fight with a rogue. This gives rogues an option to stand at range and fight rather than constantly running after each target and trying to get behind them. It won't compete with actually standing toe to toe with the target, but it makes it worth it to have Deadly Throw. I think I am going to have a lot of fun with it.
     So that's what I have for now. Tomorrow, if patch 5.2 comes out, I will probably be talking about my impressions of the changes on Airholen. Tune in to find out.

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