Monday, March 18, 2013

Update of Characters 3

     Airholen is still running the 5.2 content Stage 2. I am valor capping and then doing the PVP dailies. I have gotten to Exalted with Wrathion and working on the last bit to get Exalted with the Kirin Tor. I also have Friendly status with the Shado Pan Assault. I am working on getting enough valor points together to buy the new gear from the Shadow Pan.
     Asmodea is now level 83. She is running the Cataclysm normal dungeons. I am still working towards 90. She also got the guild to level 10.
     My Star Trek Online characters have just been doing the Duty Officers rotations since there is a special event going on to gain more experiences from the Duty Officers. Danic has gotten a new very rare duty officer because of the event.

     So that's what I have done with my characters this past week. Tomorrow I will talk about my guild efforts some more.

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