Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ToT-ering off to LFR

   SO I ran The Last Stand of the Zandalari again last night. No gear dropped  I even used a Mogu Charm on Jin'Rokh, but I don't get anything of use. In fact I am only getting gold. So I haven't seen any failbag help either.
   My server had unlocked Stage 3. So I got to run the single man scenario for it. It was cool. I liked it all the way to even the last boss where I almost died, but did win the day. The dailies that opened up after that was disappointing though. There really was not many for the new area that was opened up. And I didn't get a real feel for a continued story line out of it. I did get to help out in a kill on a rare elite in the new area which did give me key to the treasure trove. And once I completed the dailies for the day the Arcane thing netted be a blood orb. So I am gathering a decent amount crafting materials for my alts now.
   I also have gained exalted status with the Kirin Tor. Which allowed me to buy the Kirin Tor tabard and the Golden Primal Direhorn mount. Made it my ground mount of choice now.
   Tonight I plan to run Forgotten Depths. I hope to get the bow off of Tortos and my leggings from Ji-Kun. I will do more stuff to works towards Valor cap. But I expect to cap soon at this rate. And then Asmodea will be leveled.
    Tune in tomorrow to see how wing two treats me.

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