Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ji-Kun, Bird of Paradise

   So I queued up for the Forgotten Depths. After waiting for 30 minutes, I got in at the point to face off Ji-Kun. Darn it. Really wanted a shot at the Bow from Tortos. But I go ahead and try out this part of the raid just to get the experience of fighting the boss. The raid leader apparently has done it before and told us how the fight needs to be conducted. I opted not to do the flying part. We start up the boss and we get him down to below 10% and we wipe. Quick reassignment of more people people to flight mission and we tried again. Low and behold I down it. I get the failbag. SO I use a Mogu Charm for a re-roll and I get my Tier 15 LFR Leggings. YAY! And then I compare it to what I have and it is 2 ilevel worse than what I have on. I got the legs for Tier 14 Normal from the Sha World Boss. And then I double upgraded them. That makes them slightly better than the new tier 15 LFR. Boo hiss!! So I guess I am going to hold on to my leggings till I get a second piece of tier 15 LFR so that I get an actual tier bonus to replace the tier bonus I would loose by going to three piece or less. So I guess I have to wait till I get I take another shot at The Council this week since I haven't gotten to them this week in the first wing of LFR.
     I used a Lei Shen Treasure Key last night too. I was able to get a little over 86 gold, some elder charms and 5 ancient manuscripts. The manuscripts you turn in to get Kirin Tor rep tokens, I am Exalted with the Kirin Tor already. These tokens are bound to account, so I mail them to Asmodea, my Level 83 Rogue. I opene them up on her and I was able to use them to get Kirin Tor rep. On top of that, it now allows me to select that faction to focus on for my first dungeon run. So know I am gaining rep for the Kirin Tor at level 83. I will be Exalted with them before I even get to Pandaria. Yay Team!
    Other news that has made me happy, Star Trek Online has officially stated what the next expansion will be. And the part of the announcement that makes me the happiest is the fact that I will now be able to make Romulan Captains. Romulans have been my favorite race in Star Trek. And now I get to be an officer and fly warbirds. I am so excited. I am going to have to dedicate more of my time towards my STO characters to get dilithium so that I can sell for Zen points to but 4 new character slots. That way I can make all the the Rom characters I want to.And then I only need to get 2 slots more to be able to make the three characters per faction.
    So tomorrow I am going to delve into my thoughts on how WOW could implement player housing. Tune in if you want to find out what I think.

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