Sunday, March 3, 2013

Up dates on the Characters

    So I am going to try and do a little update here about the characters I played this week.

     As Patch 5.2 approaches in WoW, I have just mainly been Valor capping Airholen. According to Ask Mr. Robot, I am only missing 2 peices of gear to be fully optimized. I need shoulders off the Windlord in Heart of Fear and a pair of boots from the Operation Sheildwall. I am using the valor to upgrade my Normal Mode Tier peices first before they take it out. I only need to do one more upgrade, so I hope that 5.2 doesn't come this tuesday. Once I have all the gear I will take a photo op of him.
     Also in WoW, I have gotten Asmodea up to 79. One more level and I leave Northrend and head to the Cata realms. Asmodea's gear changes so often that I haven't felt like geting a pic of her til I get to 90. Maybe I will take a pic at 85, like the other characters I have up.
     I ran some missions with Zombee last night. I got back into the groove of things, which was nice. But we couldn't complete the Terradome Mission, which sucks. Sisteric and Danic I reviewed and resent their Duty Officers on missions but did nothing else with them.
     I didn't get to Wizardry at all this week. So Dan Zombee is unchanged.

     So I think I will do this weekly, unless something happens that I just got to say something about it. I think tomorrow I will talk about some of the changes that are coming in the games I play, as I understand them. Tune in to see what my opinions are.

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