Friday, March 8, 2013

Where's my Direhorn?

   So after two days on the Isle of Giants slaying Dinomancers, I have 5 pet drops and no hunter book. I really want to get this so I can build my own dino squad. I think that this would be fun to have as a stampede group. Calling forth a group of lizards all at once to maim and slaughter those pesky npc's that get in my way.
But, alas, the RNG gods are failing to be kind to me. I wonder just how long I have to wait to get my direhorn? I have already scoped out all the direhorn looks and choose which one I want. So, hopefully, I will get it by the time I get those 9999 dino bones for the mount there. Besides I would also need another 999 bones to get the porcupette pet too. So I have some time since I have less than hundred bones so far.

    My server was at 44% complete to unlock the next stage when I was on last night. So we are chugging along fairly well, I think. At this rate we should have the next stage opened in 4 days. That should be good. It would mean that I can start getting into LFR about the same time.

    I have LFR Heart of Fear part 2. So far the supposed increased drop rates seem not to exist since I am still only getting gold, even with coin drops. Got to run the treasure vault too. It was interesting. Gained over 80 gold, 8 elder charms and some ancient scrolls that you can turn in for Kirin Tor rep. Maybe tonight I will get better luck.

So that was night in WOW. Hope your doing better than me. Lets see what tonight brings. Tune in to find out.

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